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Download imovie for mac

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This free app from Apple can be used across iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you're unsure how to use it on macOS, here's the ultimate guide. First things first � to use iMovie, you have to download it first. It usually comes pre-installed on Macs, but if you've deleted it or can't find it for whatever reason, follow the steps below:.

Trailers , as the name suggests, allow you to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer with your videos. Apple provides you with over two dozen templates for various genres to pick from.

That's everything you need to know about iMovie and utilizing it to create a video project. Whether you're documenting your travels for social media, working on something as a school assignment, or just curious about stitching footages together and adding soundtracks to their backgrounds for fun, the possibilities are endless.

It's a great way to test the waters of video editing, and if you feel the need to have more options and customizations, then you can consider buying Apple's Pro tool. You can also use AirDrop if you're working on large projects on a limited or slow data plan. For example, an iPad's touch screen can make dragging and dropping items easier, but your Mac can handle more intensive tasks and projects.

This handy app is actively getting updated by Apple, so the latest camera technologies are being supported in real-time. There are so many glitches and malfunctions that it is virtually unusable except for the most basic purposes.

Wish I had never updated to Catalina. The new update is very bad, information on leght in short videos clip in the streamline are gone, exportation to Youtube is now only in low quality, very shitty. If you can avoid to upgrade, consider it. The older versions were still ok, now it turned to be a very basic limited program. I don't recommend it. Derekcurrie Aug 26 As of iMovie v The last version for macOS Please download iMovie app please.

I made a movie 2 months ago Missing clips and no solution yet. Poor, amateur design which barely lets you have control over what you want to export; it's excruciating. Editing is clumsy and bumbling in many ways. Apple used to be aimed at people who do above the ordinary things, but unfortunately they left that pasture years ago in many ways, exemplified perfectly by the current incarnation of iMovie. Poor, amateur design which barely lets you have control over what you want to export. Apple used to be aimed at people who do above the ordinary, nut unfortunately they left that pasture years ago in many ways, exemplified perfectly by the current incarnation of iMovie.

Exporting to youtube is excruciating hell. Apple, fix this. Where did my iMovie App GO!!! I have videos to make dam it. Help me iMovie app downloaded update I am trying to update new version Please help.

Great app. Easy to make videos! Marko85 Apr 21 Great app : 5 stars from me : Really good video editor if you don't really need something as professional as Premiere or Final Cut Pro I should mention that you should update this page, since Apple made the iMovie free for all Mac users recently, so now it's freeware : BTW I mean things like having to convert videos to that Intermediate format before editing them, which used to be very slow and used to consume lots and lots more space than an average.

Apple isn't forcing you to use each and every feature they add Objectively speaking, iMovie 10 is better than iMovie 7 or 8 and I gave you some of the reasons why It's a good app and it deserves 5 stars in my opinion :. RavenNevermore Apr 14 Fairly powerful, albeit with a weird UI.

If you learn to use GarageBand, then this UI will make sense. But iMovie has always frustrated me. While I'm sure it can do a lot of neat stuff, I still can't get the hang of it, and have problems with even fundamental steps, let alone advanced features. It's one of the least user-friendly apps I've encountered, and, AFAIK, there's no really good, thorough user manual, either by Apple, who should have written one their support site is almost insultingly lightweight , nor by anyone else.

PS: I'd be thankful if anyone could point me to a good manual or tutorial. Show more. Similar apps. Final Cut Pro. Vote to improve the quality of this list. Upvote Downvote. Adobe After Effects Create professional motion graphics and visual effects.

Total Video Tools.

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You can even start editing movies on an iPhone or iPad, and finish them on a Mac. Full-resolution 4K playback is supported on iMac with Retina display and Mac Pro or later when connected to a 4K display. Overview Specs What's New Similar to 6. TechSpot means tech analysis and advice you can trust. Last updated:. July 9, User rating:. Software similar to iMovie for Mac 6.

DaVinci Resolve DaVinci Resolve combines professional offline and online video editing, color correction, audio post production and visual effects all in one software tool. Camtasia Studio While it may lack the sophistication of other, more advanced software, iMovie for Mac is a great choice for first-time video editors and would-be home movie directors.

It's easy to download iMovie. Being a native Mac app, the iMovie download comes from the official Apple Store. Upon opening on a Mac computer, users are greeted with a simple black interface with menu items running along the top. The app should open on the Projects List screen , from where you can begin to create your first movie. Simply click on the Create New box and choose between making a movie of videos, photos, and music or following a template to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer.

You will then be taken to the Project Interface , where you can begin importing footage and editing your movie. Users can import media either on their computer or from an external drive or camera. Rather, tooltips appear as users mouse over specific buttons and features. Useful how-to guides are also available via the Help menu. Total beginners might struggle initially when using iMovie over other software with more explicit tutorials.

You can then add transitions, titles, backgrounds, soundtracks, and audio. There is even a green screen and blue screen support if you want to start playing with special effects. There are also lots of trailers and templates to choose from that will help make your movie look more professional.

Adding soundtracks or audio to your creations is fairly simple thanks to integration with iTunes , although we would love to see easier access to a library of copyright-free audio content. Images can also be easily imported from iPhoto and the Photos app , while there is a Voiceover button to allow you to easily add narration.

You can save your edits and changes in digital format, including 4K resolution for super high-quality movies. It works best with DV format films and trying to import other formats may not work - we had some issues with MP4 files compatibility. It will, however, work perfectly with footage shot on Apple devices , so format issues for Apple users looking to create movies from their iPhone-shot videos shouldn't be a problem.

We also found that the playback with spacebar function would sometimes stop working while at times the whole program would freeze up, forcing us to have to quit and start again. Luckily iMovie regularly autosaves projects, meaning we didn't lose any work, but it was annoying.

It also uses lots of specialized terminologies that first-time users might not be familiar with. Using iMovie does require some patience in the initial stages of use but thanks to its simple, intuitive functionality , it's a pretty quick learning curve. You'll be surprised to find you can quite swiftly produce a basic first movie. Once you have created several movies and gotten to know all the functionality available, you might start to find iMovie for Mac a little limited.

Advanced video editors will certainly find that it lacks specialist editing functions , while others might find the included templates a little prescribed. It's important to remember, however, that iMovie is geared toward beginners for creating simple video projects. Once you find you need more professional-quality editing software, moving onto Final Cut Pro X might be a good next step. Alternatively, Lightworks is a very sophisticated editing program.

If you are just starting as a creator on Youtube , iMovie is a great choice. It features an integrated YouTube uploader to publish your creations online instantly. We did, however, sometimes find this fails to upload properly or doesn't tag the video correctly. You can also email your creations , share them to Vimeo or prepare the video for Facebook , although you will have to upload it yourself separately.

Given that Windows Movie Maker is now discontinued , Windows users looking for an alternative to iMovie might like the simple and practical layout of Filmora Video Editor. Its clean and elegant interface, and simple functionality, are well-suited for beginners looking to create their first movie.

First-time users may find its lack of tutorials challenging initially, they will quickly get to grips with the app's main features.