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City of broken dreamers download

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Imagine my surprise when I got so caught up in the story that I actually let go of my crotch and reactivated my pair of neurons in order to focus my attention on what was happening. Don't take me wrong: there actually is some nasty stuff going on in terms of competitive hide-the-sausage professional league. I could tell you about the visual aspects of the game and the care given to the 3D models, the artistic direction or the minimalist, non-invasive UI; but what truly got me pumped got it?

The writing is just incredibly good, in the sense that the story is coherent, authentically interesting and quite original in its own right. The characters feel like actual people, with their own personalities, strengths, weaknesses, fears and hopes; and their development as you progress through the plot only pushes this feeling further. In this type of entertainment, this is already something rare enough to be noted, but the point to which it is pushed here is absolutely deserving of praise.

We're far from the vapid adventures of Jenny Slootface, whose sole purpose in life is to get stuffed in both holes while making sure her barbie doll face is thoroughly covered in man-juice in the vain hope of covering the fact that she has the expressiveness of a dead reptile. As the cherry on top, the music; without being exceptional; is pretty decent and does an excellent job at setting the atmosphere; changing in tone when needed and generally being perfectly relevant.

As a side note, it is quite frequent for Visual Novels to claim that the player's choices have an impact on the events of the story; but in actuality, titles that deliver in this regard aren't that numerous. You progress through the story by choosing between several possible actions or lines of dialogue, which in turn will have an impact on both what you'll be able to do with a given character, and what you will see or not in later scenes.

It's not -bad- per se but damn, I wanna know what happens next! You're male, and that's it. At some point, I got a strange and pleasing feeling that I couldn't quite determine the nature of, until it hit me: I felt like I was reading some really good Cyberpunk book or comic book, except I was able to influence the dialogues and events. It alternates between thrilling, funny and hot in a perfect harmony that I genuinely haven't seen anywhere else in this genre so far.

If you're here for the porn, go ahead, it's really quite good; especially if you enjoy it when sex comes as part of an emotional dynamic. If you're here for the story, buckle up.

You're gonna love it. Absolutely worth its price. I'd even say I almost feel like a thief, I mean, 9 bucks for this masterpiece? The story is good and it hooked me in almost immediately. I would love to recommend this game to others , but I cant. This was released in and you can only play till chapter 7. And guess what, the latest chapter released on patreon is chapter 11 after 2 years it has been updated 4 new chapters. I joined the patreon to play the new content when chapter 9 was out and that was a year ago.

Philly is making a great game at such a slow pace. And the chapters are short as hell, this game is good like really good, but the amount of time he has taken to just release a chapter is so ridiculous. I cant recommend it at all because after you pay for the first 7 its still gonna take probably 2 more years to release book 2. I'm just mad that this game has so much potential but the spark is not there any more, and the creator is just taking his time and not releasing anything with substance.

The art and animations are gorgeous. It has an amazing soundtrack that really fits with the scenes and the mood of the game. The characters are intriguing and all have their own personality. The story is detailed and interesting. The character models are amazing Especially Victoria. I'm left feeling a little mixed on if this was worth it for me. It wasn't bad but nothing prepared me for how short it was going to be.

The story didn't really impress me and neither did the sex scenes, though all characters are beautifully rendered, the actual sex scenes are just, quite short.

I became increasingly worried with the length of this game when 2 hours in I'm half way done. I played this for 5 hours even reducing my reading speed and still found myself at the end with more time to spare. Conversations were overall well put together and characters did feel different instead of all being the same, having said that I still feel like a lot is missing that I just cannot place.

It is what it is and I would certainly like to continue the story line just to wrap this all up, I just hope the next instillation is longer with better scenes, I don't expect it to hit what "Being a DIK" hit, but at least I hope it can try to come closer.

Not bad, but not all that great either. I know it shows me recommending this, but honestly this should count more towards a neutral take. I don't hate it but I don't really think it was worth it either. There are better titles with more content than this one, but if you are bored it's good for time passing. The shirt fabric in between the boobs stretches across correctly instead of molding directly to the chest.

Came for the adult content, stayed for the story. Characters have depth and you start to care about them. Honestly, i probably missed one or another adult scene because i prefered to do the right thing instead going for the explicit content. Graphics are well rendered i guess real Raytracing, not some game engine and scenes are well composed.

The overall mood reminds me of "Blade Runner" regarding style. Also the Soundtrack is perfectly fitting, some kind of Retro feeling sometimes. In the explicit scenes, it's obvious that the modellers actually have seen real women and know how it is supposed to look like. Don't laugh, i've seen other visual novels where i honestly thought "you guys never saw a woman naked, didn't you?

But here, although sometimes a little bit overexaggerated, it's never unplausible given the overall setting. If you're looking for some quick adult scenes, this novel probably isn't for you. If you like good stories, interesting characters and well-rendered imagery, this might be worth more than a quick look. I can asbsolutely recommend. To be honest: I didn't realize it was "that" kinda game at first. I found myself enveloped with the combination of story, music, and overall atmosphere.

And that's without any 'breaks' if you catch the drift During this I got stunning graphics, especially for a indie game, both in the characters and background. Reminded me of little of Deus Ex. They got it all, and every single track fits seamlessly in each scene, whether it is action, filler, 'romantic' scenes, I can not stress enough the amount of effort these folks must've gone through for the OST. The Story: I'll be upfront.

As I stated earlier, I didn't fully realize what I was getting myself into when I bought it. It starts out a bit choppy, as you are cutting to the index screen to read to figure out whats's what. While initially a bit jarring immersion break or whatever you want to call it it's well worth to understand what all is going on. The story itself while above average, isn't ground breaking or unheard of. The characters can be a bit run of the mill standard archetypes.

But thankfully, there aren't any real repeating types of characters, each one is unique in their own way. With that being said, it's of course playing to the player. At times, it invokes want many guys or gals, its , whatever you want to be want to hear or fantasize about. It draws the reader in to their desires, and honestly can make you overlook some of the smaller flaws. Whatever suits your style. I found myself more interested in the plot than the actual scenes by the time I was a quarter way through the book.

The plot had more moving pieces, and how you talk to people can effect different outcomes in different chapters. The graphics: Alright they're drop dead gorgeous. Some scenes experimented with gif-like action, or a simple few frames. I'm not even talking about the adult scenes. The backgrounds, streets, clinics, etc. They certainly took their time in visually creating each scene and character. While some characters features are exaggerated heavily, its obvious this game appeals to fantasies.

Nothing wrong with that either. I can't believe I was actually playing for the plot. Everything else was just a bonus. I highly recommend this one. The value you get for the price is absolutely insane. I wasn't expecting to fall in love with an indie adult "choose your adventure" type of game. Download Request for update.

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