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Brochure 13 Pages. Dodge - Ram Diesel - Owners Manual - - Dodge - Ram Gas - Owners Manual - - Dodge - Auto - dodge-ramowner-s-manual-gas Brochure 26 Pages. Dodge - Ram - Sales Brochure - - 3. Brochure 48 Pages. Brochure 15 Pages. Dodge - Auto - dodge-ramowner-s-manual Other Manuals 74 Pages.

Brochure 50 Pages. Other Manuals 79 Pages. Other Manuals 83 Pages. Brochure 51 Pages. Dodge Ram 50 4wd Workshop Manual L 2. Brochure 40 Pages. Brochure 12 Pages. Other Manuals 80 Pages. Dodge - Ram - Sales Brochure - - 4. Brochure 37 Pages. Brochure 18 Pages. Dodge - Ram - Sales Brochure - - 2. Dodge Ram 50 2wd Workshop Manual L cc 2. Other Manuals 73 Pages. Brochure 16 Pages. Brochure 34 Pages. Other Manuals 29 Pages. Other Manuals 44 Pages. Dodge - Ram - Sales Brochure - - 5.

Brochure 22 Pages. Brochure 27 Pages. Brochure 4 Pages. Brochure 39 Pages. Brochure 29 Pages. Notify me. Modification was equipped with dual rear axle wheels, and for there were two options: Heavy Duty and Light Duty.

The first of them was also equipped with twin wheels on the rear axle. Each of the modifications was offered in both rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Dodge Ram of the third generation was produced from to models and � from to model years. As on previous models, modifications with all-wheel drive rigidly connected front-wheel drive and only rear-wheel drive.

The transfer case in the majority of the let out cars � mechanical it is also considered more reliable in operation , but there is a complete set and with electric control. The front wheels 4wd hi are connected on the go. Due to the design features of all-wheel drive with a rigid front axle connection, it is not recommended to use it on a surface with good traction.

The new pickup has taken another step towards adapting the truck for everyday use. There were luggage niches in the rear wings, the suspension was improved, the stability unit was added and the interior was transformed the interior decoration was significantly improved, high-quality plastic was used, lighting devices and regulators were replaced. The appearance of the pickup was determined by modern trends and trends within the brand.

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It was up to Dodge to make the best of it. With the second generation, Dodge was determined to tackle the biggest remaining problem, and that was the look and appearance. Moving away from the boring utilitarian look, the new Ram added some interesting visual features. According to Dodge, the inspiration for the new look came from the 50s Power Ram Wagon.

The raised hood line, lowered fenders and placement of the headlights all give away the similarity. Beneath the stylish hood, there were several engine choices. Standard options were Magnum V6 or bigger V8 engines. With revised cam profile, modified valve train and addition of sequential electronic fuel injection, these engines delivered more power and better low down torque.

Being such a hit in the previous generation, the Cummins engine was the only logical choice for a diesel unit. It remained unchanged until , when it got the modern 24 valve head. Rounding up the engine options, there was a massive V10 unit, being the most powerful gasoline engine available at that time.

Engines were available either with a four-speed automatic or a five-speed manual transmission,. The suspension used an independent coil spring setup with anti-roll bar up front and leaf springs in the rear, with gas-charged shocks providing a good ride quality. Other features included driver and passenger airbags, rear abs as standard and optional power take-off. Lastly, the interior was spacious, stylish, and well equipped. Things like comfortable and adjustable front seat, power locks and mirrors, cruise control and air conditioning gave this truck a civilized, car-like manners.

This production pace continued for the next several years, only to decline around In its efforts to keep up with strong competition and market demands, Dodge released the new third generation Ram during Design wise, this truck was an evolution of its predecessor, keeping features such as crosshair grille and truck style front end.

The body was bigger and more massive, but thanks to various design tricks, it appeared sleeker and in touch with time. Still, the biggest improvements were inside the cabin and under the hood, boosting both luxury and performance. Features such as leather seats, power adjusting mirrors and automatic air conditioning stated that this was more than an ordinary work truck. And so did the engines. As for the diesel engine, the trusted Cummins unit received several updates during the production run of the third gen.

Most noticeable ones are the introduction of the common rail injection system in , while in a newly designed 6.

During , Ram received a major overhaul, covering both interior and exterior. This updated look followed the new design outlines caused by a Chrysler-Daimler merger. As the sales figures declined, Dodge was forced to take action and speed up the development of the next generation.

The basis for the design was the early third gen trucks, and both crosshair grille and sloping wheel arches were still there. However, the new truck had an aggressive appearance and more prominent body lines. And with optional chrome details, it was stylish and flashy. Because the previous generation had great engines, there were no revolutionary changes under the hood.

Magnum V6 and V8 engines gave way to more modern PowerTech and Pentastar units, which offered better driving characteristics and fuel economy.

The biggest news was the introduction of the smaller V6 diesel engine, called EcoDiesel. All engines come with either six or eight speed automatic or six speed manuals. Unlike with previous generations, this time the biggest improvement was well hidden out of sight. Most full-size pickup trucks use leaf springs in the back.

It is simple and durable, but it has a negative impact on the ride quality. Fourth gen Ram uses a multi-link rear suspension with coil springs that absorbs rough pavement rather than deflecting it. With this, the Ram rides more like an SUV than a traditional pickup. This was also the only truck to offer an active leveling air suspension on all four corners, features an access setting that drops ride height by 2 inches.

Depending on the trim level, this Ram came fitted with premium options such as heated and ventilated front seats, Alpine audio system, power adjustable pedals and navigation system with an 8. Introduced in , the all-new Ram is very different compared to previous generations.

Position radio. Instrument Cluster Display � Base This system allows the driver to select a variety of useful information by pushing the switches mounted on the steering wheel. Driver Seating Reference 2. Figure Passenger Air Bag Cushion 2.

Vertical Plane from Point of Instrument Panel 3. Passenger Air Bag Module 4. Instrument Panel 5. Reference Point Figure Cross-Sectional Area Side View 2. Seat-Mounted Air Bag This booklet illustrates and describes the opera- tion of unique features and equipment that are either standard or optional on this vehicle. Use Special design considerations are incorporated into this only fully shielded coaxial cable. All Rights Reserved. Printed in the U. Print page 1 Print document 32 pages.