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Act100 sap activate methodology pdf free download

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The customer is typically responsible for these tasks unless a data migration service is added to the implementation. The data is validated for adherence to requirements. Load times are track and recorded in the load plan. This information is necessary for planning the cutover to production.

Verify that all output settings, critical analytics, integration, extensibility, etc. This task also include checking that proper governance of master data quality is defined. At the end of the review the project team will have understanding of necessary adjustments to the preliminary cutover plan.

These people are responsible for multiplying their system and process knowledge with the user community. They are also responsible for answering questions and troubleshooting problems. This person is responsible for gathering the details related to technical issues and submitting them to SAP support. They will follow the issue through resolution. If help desk functions do not exist, a communications and documentation plan is setup to support the system.

All rights reserved Exercise The project team is getting ready to run the Realize phase. They are looking for prescriptive guide on how to apply Agile techniques to understand how to structure the sprints. However, with previous experience in mind, she would like to know more about what quality assurance mechanism exist in the SAP Activate methodology? This concept outlines the areas of importance for an implementation project and is used in each phase to review the completeness of phase deliverables.

This includes loading all data and verifying its accuracy and completeness. Begin entering live transactions in the cloud production tenant.

Support take ownership of the ongoing support and monitoring of the productive cloud system. This allows support to easily identify the system as a productive system. You have been tasked to prepare cutover plans for your project. Locate accelerators in the methodology that will help you accomplish this task. Click to Start Discuss how you will execute the cutover.

They have agreed that the new solution will have an on-premise setup. Security and Auths. OCC for Prem. All rights reserved incl. Best Practices Jump-start project with ready-to-run best practices This phase provides initial planning and preparation for the project, including project organization and governance as well as schedule, budget and management plans. As part of the preparation phase, the project team will be trained and the infrastructure to support the project will be set up.

Once the scope is validated, the implementation team will identify the SAP Standard Solution and Best Practices available to fulfil the customer needs. As final step during the preparation phase, the Pre-Assembled solution needs to be validated before the Explore phase. It is recommended to conduct informal and formal meetings to set the expectations and confirm the project approach with key project stakeholders.

This learning path leads to project readiness as well as certification on the specific applications the team members will be using. Interface inventory Customer interviews and assessment sessions..

This document is intended to serve as a reference for the rest of the project team during the Validation phase. This deliverable will educate the team members on the SAP data migration framework and methodology used to support the data migration project.

The project management team had finalized their plans and initiated their regular team and stakeholder meetings. Team leads had joined the project and resource plans agreed for the additional team members to join at the right time. Following Solution Validation workshops the delta scope will be prioritized and followed by iterative Delta Design workshops where the delta solution will be visualized and the business and process models updated.

As well as reporting the project progress. The communication plan is aligned to the overall OCM roadmap and addresses mainly external communication to stakeholders, key users, end users, and suppliers. This includes definition of business rules and ownership. For complex baseline build this may planned in sprints. This is then followed by the prioritized prototyping to create the Baseline Build. Field Status shows whether they were present or not.

This environment will be technically configured to support the system change management approach. We use the term 'setup' instead of install since we may be setting up the environment in the HEC or other private managed cloud environment. Where an Agile approach is planned, this deliverable includes Sprint Validation approach. The strategy needs to be signed-off by customer.

All rights reserved Sprint.. Exercise Initial situation: The HAPPY-M project team were in the Solution Validation workshops working with the architect, Lutz, and his consultants The workshop had been looking at one of the standard processes that had been activated in the baseline build.

Task: For a process that you are aware of draft 4 user stories in the base format see left. Review and discuss the structuring of your draft user story; does it have the three key elements? Which was hardest to complete? They had agreed on 6 sprints each being 4 weeks duration.

Maureen and her System Management team had establish the Development environment and on track to deliver the remaining environments. Mike had indicated the team had gone a long way and that the solution was clear; he was setting up another Phase kick-off to explain the phase approach that would REALIZE this solution. Import Configuration and Development Objects. Load Master Data.

Import of Fast-Track configuration. Perform Manual Configuration Settings. All rights reserved? Test execution may have an iterative plan. The additional time spent on the first Sprint Retrospective had also led to improvements in their ways of working that gave immediate benefit to this project.

Leon and his Solution Testing team had been impressed with solution quality and had seen few significant defects in the Integration Testing and UAT. Anna and Luis and the Solution Adoption team had been working hard with organization readiness and had trialed the end user training delivery with those that had supported the UAT.

Mike and his build team were happy with the solution and proud to take it to the next phase; keeping the team together focused on go live, another Kick-off meeting was scheduled.

This includes, but is not limited to, system tests, end-user training, system management, and cutover activities including data migration and initial support postcutover.

All rights reserved Prod Suppt. In the checklist, items [�] clarify the status of all aspects of the training initiative. At this point, the organizational, business, functional, technical, and system aspects of the project are ready to be used in production. During simulation, the main objective is to validate and document the tasks, sequence, and duration of items on the plan.

It is crucial that the issues are re-tested and confirmed by users that reported them. There is no planning and delivery of incremental Agile sprints; no string testing following the incremental build of an epic or business scenario based user story.

The business liked working with their new solution and were beginning to show benefits for the business some of which were unexpected benefits that individuals had identified. All rights reserved Answering questions about a conversion As a result of following the SAP Activate methodology for conversion projects the following questions will be addressed for the specific circumstances : 1.

What are Application Quick Wins I can implement fast, and as part of the conversion project? Will the SAP database seamlessly fit into the existing infrastructure? What does it mean for the operations team? What is the overall project duration, what are related efforts? What are potential risks and how can they be managed?

The formal setup of the project needs to be aligned with the customer project manager. Andy had led the team through the PREPARE phase where the team had established the project management plan and undertaken a detailed assessment of the existing system.

The assessment helped complete an initial system sizing, an updated implementation plan, and a statement of readiness. The solution design work stream is leading the activities on the delta design.

Once all plans of data migration of the sandbox system are complete the environment is planned for validation. Test plans include functional, scenario and integration testing. Affected custom code in productive use has to be identified, and code adjustment has to be planned accordingly. The conversion includes the activation of solution, and the conversion of the business data into the new and simplified business data format. Transition to Operations Operational procedures and tools need to be adjusted before Go-Live to ensure safe operations.

The test Strategy was agreed and plans in place. Before completing the phase there had been an evaluation of the operations impact. Systems and applications will be configured, tested and validated.

Trainings will be prepared and enabled. Custom Code will be adjusted and data aging configured. Non-Production systems will be migrated to the new envmnt. Tools and processes for operations support will be set up. The phase included a final testing, user training and a cut-over rehearsal. Following the conversion and live operations basic system and application checks were undertaken as validation of a successful conversion.

Charlene, the IT Director, has contacted you for advise Task: 1. All rights reserved Key Characteristics of the Implementation Approach Based on over 40 years of implementation experience. This includes, but is not limited to, system tests, end-user training, system management, and cutover activities including data migration and initial support postcutover. Solution with high emphasis on UX. Business solution with predominantly known and stable requirements. Prioritizes features accordin g t o market value.

Can change features and priorit y every iteration. Accep ts or rej ect s wo rk res ul ts. Scrum Master Ensures that the team is fully functional and productive. Enables close cooperation across all roles and functions and removes barriers. Shields the team from external interferences. Ensures that the process is follo wed.

Invites to daily stand-up meeting, iteration review and planning meetings. Selects the iteration goal and specifies wor k results. Organizes itself and its w ork. Has the right to do everything within pro ject guidelines b ound aries to reach th e iteration goal. Demos work results to the Product Owner.

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