how to download youtube videos to pc for free
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How to download youtube videos to pc for free adobe flash player windows 8 64 bit free download

How to download youtube videos to pc for free

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You can skip this step if you're using a Mac as the video should already appear in a browser. If you're using Windows, open a new browser tab, right-click the address bar, and then click Paste. Right-click the video and select Save video as. This should open your computer's "Save" dialog.

Download the video. Right-click the video in your browser, then click Save video as in the drop-down menu. The video will begin downloading onto your computer as an MP4 file with the name "videoplayback".

Select a location and click Save. This downloads the video to your computer. Once the file is downloaded, you can view it by double-clicking the file. You may need to type. Method 3. Download the 4K Video Downloader setup file. The 4K Video Downloader setup file will download onto your computer. Install 4K Video Downloader. Once the 4K Video Downloader setup file finishes downloading, you can install it by doing the following: Windows: Double-click the setup file, click Yes when prompted, and follow the on-screen setup instructions.

Mac: Double-click the setup file, verify the installation if necessary, click and drag the 4K Video Downloader app icon onto the "Applications" folder, and follow any on-screen instructions.

The video should begin playing. Copy the video's address. Open 4K Video Downloader. If 4K Video Downloader didn't automatically open upon finishing its installation, click its link in the Windows Start menu or your Mac's Applications folder. Click Paste Link. It's in the top-left corner of the 4K Video Downloader window. Doing so will cause the 4K Video Downloader to extract the address you copied.

Select a video format from the "Format" menu. If you don't see "4K" listed in the quality options for a video which you know supports 4K, changing the video format from MP4 to MKV will usually prompt the 4K option to appear.

Select a quality. By default, the highest possible quality will be selected, but you can check the box next to a different quality e. For example, many laptop screens don't support 4K video, meaning that downloading a video in 4K is pointless. Click Download. It's at the bottom of the window. Your video will begin downloading onto your computer. Open your video's location. Once your video finishes downloading, right-click it and then click Show in Folder in the resulting drop-down menu.

This will cause a File Explorer Windows or Finder Mac window with your downloaded video to open, at which point you can double-click the video to play it in your computer's default video player. On a Mac, you can hold down Ctrl while clicking the video to prompt the right-click menu to appear. Method 4. Go to the YouTube video you want to download. You can use one of many free online video converter sites to download YouTube videos to your computer or Android. Because video downloaders are sometimes used to skirt YouTube's policies, they tend to disappear from the internet often.

Because of this, we'll give you several options in case the first downloader we recommend isn't working. Online converters are often supported by ads, some of which can be invasive.

Before downloading files with an online converter, it might be helpful to turn on your ad blocker. Highlight the URL in your browser's address bar, right-click or long-tap the highlighted address, and then select Copy.

If you're watching the video in the YouTube app on an Android, tap Share below the video and select Copy link instead. This is a free video downloader website that allows you to download videos from YouTube and other services on any platform. Paste the copied URL into the field. You can do this by right-clicking or long-tapping the field at the center of the page and selecting Paste. This scans the video and displays available formats and sizes to download. Click the Video button to show only video results.

Now you'll see all available video sizes and formats. Click the Download Now button next to your preferred version. This converts the video to the selected format and displays the final size. Click Download Now again to download the video. This saves the video to your default download location, which is usually your computer or Android's "Downloads" folder.

When the download is complete, you can open your Downloads folder and click or tap the video to open it in your default video player. Method 5. Install Documents by Readdle on your iPhone or iPad. Apple makes it sort of difficult to download files to your iPhone or iPad, so you'll use an app called Readdle.

Here's how to get it: Open the App Store. Tap Search at the bottom-right corner. Type documents by readdle into the search bar at the top of the screen and tap Search. Browser" by Readdle Technologies Limited. It's the gray "D" icon with yellow and green accents. Follow the on-screen instructions. Set up the Documents app. Tap Open once Documents is installed, and move through the welcome screens to set up the app.

During setup, you'll be asked to select preferences, as well as sign up for a subscription. You can skip the subscription by tapping X or Skip when prompted. Open the YouTube app.

It's the white icon with a red rectangle and white triangle inside. Tap the magnifying glass at the top of the screen to search, or tap Library at the bottom-right corner to browse videos you've saved.

Once you get to the video, it will start playing immediately. To do this quickly, just tap the Share icon below the video the arrow and select Copy link. Tap Copy link. It's the gray icon with two overlapping rectangles in the bottom row of icons. This copies the video's link to your clipboard. Return to the Documents app and tap the blue compass icon. It's at the bottom-right corner of the "Documents" screen.

This opens a web browser. You can do this by typing the URL into the "Go to this address" bar at the top of the screen and then tapping Go. Because video downloaders are often used to skirt YouTube's policies, they tend to disappear from the internet often.

To do this, tap and hold the field and select Paste. Tap the blue Download button. The website will scan the video and display different sizes and formats you can download. Tap Video. This filters the results to show only video formats. This converts the video to a format you can download. Tap the Download Now button once the file is converted.

You'll be prompted to download the file to your iPhone or iPad. Choose a saving location and tap Done. This downloads the video to your iPhone or iPad.

Add the Readdle folder to the Files app. If you add Readdle to your Files app it'll be easy for you to access your downloaded videos. Here's how: Open the Files app the blue folder on your home screen. It may be buried in a folder. Tap Browse at the bottom. Tap Edit at the top-right corner. Slide the "Documents" switch to the On green position. If it's already enabled, you're good to go.

Tap Done at the top-right corner. You can now use the Files app to access the videos you download with Documents. Watch the downloaded video. When you're ready to watch your video s , follow these steps: Open Files. Tap Browse. Tap Documents. Tap Downloads. Tap the video to watch it. Unlock expert answers by supporting wikiHow. Yaffet Meshesha Computer Specialist.

Yaffet Meshesha. Support wikiHow by unlocking this expert answer. We're glad this was helpful. Thank you for your feedback. Use it to try out great new products and services nationwide without paying full price�wine, food delivery, clothing and more. Claim Your Gift If wikiHow has helped you, please consider a small contribution to support us in helping more readers like you. Support wikiHow Yes No.

Not Helpful 36 Helpful Yes, any video downloaded using the methods above can be played without an internet connection. You'll need internet to download the video in the first place, though. Not Helpful 82 Helpful If you're using an Android tablet, you can use the website downloader instructions above to download videos directly to your device.

If you're using an iPad, you'll need to download the video to a computer first and then sync it with iTunes, as videos cannot be downloaded directly to iOS devices. Not Helpful 84 Helpful Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Finding a music video and downloading it as an MP3 will result in a music file. Also: How local politics made me turn to YouTube Premium as a last-ditch sanity defense. However, if you're an Android user with an SD card slot in your phone, you can set the YouTube app settings tap your profile picture, then Settings , then Downloads to save videos to your SD card.

But what if you want a better solution, and you want to do it for free? Yeah, we have you covered. Also: I cut my video streaming bill in half, and so can you.

I've been using it ever since. ClipGrab is a free program available for Mac, Windows, and Linux users. The developer says it's open source, but the source code is only available for Linux. In any case, ClipGrab rocks. Here's how to download and use it. Point your browser to ClipGrab. You'll see download links for Mac, Windows, and Linux there. I'll show you the Mac version in this article, but the interface is virtually identical on all three.

Copy the video link of the YouTube video s you wish to download. You can do this up in your browser's URL bar or by clicking the Share button under the video itself. Make sure that you're on the Downloads tab and then choose the Launch ClipGrab option.

Once you've copied and pasted the desired video link into the ClickGrab browser, select Grab this clip! Put one link of a video at a time into the top Downloads tab browser on ClickGrab. Once you're ready to download, select Grab this clip! For example, you can choose the format you want the video to be in when it's stored on your computer.

I generally go with Original, but I'll specify something else if that doesn't work. You can also choose download resolution. Depending on the video's original resolution, you can choose to download the full resolution video or reduce the resolution to save space.

Finally, tapping the Settings tab lets you customize where ClipGrab deposits your newly downloaded videos. I would be remiss or so I've been told in the comments below, on Twitter, and in my email inbox if I didn't mention that Linux users have a command line option because, of course they do to download YouTube videos.

As with all things Linux command line, there are some gray areas here, such as whether the tool even works or whether there's a better tool because of course there is.

Also : How to install Linux applications from the command line. The first in this command line hit parade is youtube-dl. You can get access to it via its own site , on GitHub , or your favorite package manager. There's a very interesting story about GitHub's reasoning and response you can read. Some folks claim that youtube-dl is old hat and hasn't been updated in a while.

That's not really true. On the day I visited its repo, the header said youtube-dl was updated six days ago. It looks like it's getting ongoing maintenance.

That said, there's another open source project on GitHub, called yt-dlp , that claims to be a fork of youtube-dl with more features. I haven't tested it, use it at your own risk. Also: Linux is not just for developers and command line pros. Both youtube-dl and yt-dlp offer a very, very wide range of features if you need them.

Personally, I'm going to stick with ClipGrab, because I don't have time to turn YouTube downloading into a second or third full time job. But, 'tis up to you. Now that you know how to download YouTube videos, should you? First, do be aware that different jurisdictions have different laws.

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How To Download Youtube Video Directly To Your Laptop

WebGo ahead and download YouTube videos to pc or mobile device in a few seconds. 1. Copy the URL of your Youtube video that you want to download. 2. Paste the link into . WebAOAHow To Download YouTube Videos For Free || Easily and Fast Way To Download Youtube Video in Computerhow to download youtube video in laptop,how to downloa. WebAug 11, �� Find the video you want to download off YouTube and copy its URL. Quick tip: You can copy text by highlighting it and pressing Author: Ryan Ariano.