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Acano client windows download

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Repeat this step for another device and the other default option. This makes it straightforward to bring SIP endpoints into your coSpace. Type names at the end of the list to add them to the coSpace. You can also click on the members to remove them.

If you can reach external sites through your browser, but on logging in using the PC Client you see the following message:. If you experience an issue during a call you can download a log file to send to Acano support as follows:. Your description and a number of pertinent technical details are saved in a file in the chosen directory. Click Download for that log file.

There may be more than one file with the same time stamp for each event: send them all. When in a call in which another participant has shared an application, you can zoom in and out in the pane to resize the content using CTRL and the mouse wheel.

This is not possible with the video panes. Advanced, at the bottom there are transmit and receive settings. It may be sensible to set lower values than the Acano Server allows, if there are local network limitations.

If you mute your microphone while in a call on the PC Client, then leave the call and exit the client without unmuting, the microphone remains mute at the system level.

The mute status is the status of the underlying device in the PC client for example, if you mute in our client you can unmute the microphone in a different application such as Skype. Right click on the frame that had shown the Acano icon, and select "Unpin from Taskbar". The Acano icon should return to the taskbar.

This message is displayed at the top of the screen when the Acano client is running but you have moved away from the application e. The Acano client is not recording any video or audio: the message is just an indication that the microphone and camera are in use. Acano is looking to make the wording here more user friendly but this may not be entirely under our control.

When in a call in with several participants, select and then to display the Participant list. My audio is not working on my iOS client after upgrading to iOS7. After upgrading to iOS7 you have to specifically allow the application to use the microphone, this is a new iOS feature. An iOS 8. Right-click and select Save As. Choose a directory in which to store the file and click Save. From R1. The image file must be stored on a web server that the Acano Call Bridge not the Web Bridge can reach without needing to supply a password.

In the event of a failure for example, if the. The image size must be Kb or less. There is no limit to the of pixels. The WebRTC logo image has the same restrictions as above. It can be any image type so long as it is not over Kb. Size it accordingly height and width to suit your needs. If you see a self-view this validates that Chrome can access your camera and microphone, that STUN packets are not being blocked on the part of the network visiting that site and that the capabilities of the device will cope.

Then copy and send the link shown at the bottom to someone and initiate a point-to-point call with live two-way audio and video. Should any of these tests fail, PC or network issues should be investigated. This site does not provide much feedback; however, Chrome WebRTC implementers are adding ways to retrieve information such as packet loss and bandwidth estimates.

Timescales for this feature are currently unavailable. This is the number that the Acano solution will answer and route to the IVR system; be sure that it does not conflict with one of your coSpaces.

The Contact header in the Invite looks similar to: Contact: sip This is about half way down the page so you need to scroll to display it. Note: Due to a Chrome limitation, it is only possible to share the desktop not an application.

When sharing using Chrome WebRTC from an endpoint with dual monitors, both monitors are shared simultaneously. Note: Sharing is disabled in Chrome v Acano has developed a Chrome extension to return this functionality which is available in Acano solution R1. This has two fields; meeting ID and name. They complete both fields and are entered into the meeting. They complete the name field and they are entered into the meeting. In the event that a user cannot enter the meeting successfully, they are dropped back to one of two screens depending on the stage at which the issue occurs.

If your WebRTC audio is very faint and must be cranked all the way up to hear participants but on an Acano client, the audio is fine, this is a known issue with Chrome on PCs, mostly having to do with the way it handles AGC.

Playback Devices. Then go to the Communications tab and set the Communications option to Do Nothing. Changing this setting bring the levels up to the same as those heard in the Acano PC Client. This should work without rebooting the PC, but occasionally a reboot is required for the new setting to take effect. The WebRTC client may introduce acoustic echo e. WebRTC guest users connected to a coSpace can see the persistent chat messages from this coSpace sent before they connected; up to the 10 most recent messages from before they joined are visible.

However the guest user cannot display any earlier messages. This document is provided for information purposes only and its contents are subject to change without notice. Media sent over TCP is. Follow this guide to install the Acano solution as a virtual deployment running the Acano solution Release 1. Then see the Deployment Guide for other set up and. Screw one rack rail inner section to the appropriate side of the Acano Server using the supplied M4 screws see figure Repeat for the other.

The Acano platform provides functionality such as cost-efficient audio and video confer- encing bridging, interoperability e. Show more 22 Page. Show more Page. Download now 23 Page. Full text 1 Acano solution 1. Contents 1 Operating System Support 4 1. Is this a firewall issue? Yes but this is not recommended or supported.

Versions 6. We recommend using R Operating System Support sharing is not enabled by default in Chrome v33 to v36, so you will need to enable it if you haven't already we will display instructions if we detect it's not enabled when you try and share. Then when a user logs in, the Acano server queries AD for password verification; it does not store these AD passwords. The choice is: Wildcard certificate: Can be used, but ensure that the domain is added to certificate in the SAN list.

My audio is not loud enough. Acano PC Client If this is a general issue of quiet audio, check that you have the volume turned up. Right-click on the speaker in the system tray to see the volume mixer; this shows all volumes. To check whether the setting is enabled, select the User icon , select Settings and select Advanced. I cannot get the Acano client to run. There is no restriction on resolutions sent to Acano clients. When are site names displayed? Can a user connect to the Acano solution through a proxy?

What form can a coSpace PIN take? You can dial out to an audio device and take the audio there. What is the maximum number of participants displayed in a coSpace? What information is included in the email invitation? General or More Than One Client button. Transferring video from the Acano client to a SIP endpoint you may notice that the Speaker large screen layout changes slightly from to. What are the names for the different screen layouts? How is the PC Client installed and can I do it programmatically?

Go to Security. Click Save. Note: We support IE 9 and above. How is the PC Client upgraded? Do one of the following: a. Click OK. Note: You can also check your microphone default settings in the Recording tab.

How can I create new coSpaces? In the Acano PC client, click on the appropriate coSpace. Click 3. Click Edit coSpace from the bottom of the resulting pane. If you can reach external sites through your browser, but on logging in using the PC Client you see the following message: "No network connection. Check your connection and try again. Make sure that port is open. How do I download a log file on my PC Client? If you experience an issue during a call you can download a log file to send to Acano support as follows: 1.

Click Save diagnostic information. Describe your issue and click Save. Select a directory in which to store the file and click Save. Can I zoom in on the content pane on my PC Client? How do I control bandwidth on my PC Client? Do I need an Aero theme on my PC? Does the PC client work on Microsoft Surface tablets?

Why can't I see the Acano icon in my Windows taskbar? Can I zoom in on the content pane on my iPad Client? Can I hover to see who is a video pane on my iPad Client? Can I delete a participant from a call on my iPad client with a right swipe? Can I move the self-view on my iPad client? Drag and drop as normal. How do I obtain the log file for my iOS client? In the In-Call view, click. Click Show diagnostic information. Open Chrome 2. Click Enable. Close Chrome completely and re-open it to start using the new setting.

A workaround is to disable the Communications option on the Windows Playback Device. WebRTC guest users can access coSpace chat messages � is this correct? All rights reserved. Read more. Figure Updating References View. Related documents. Acano solution.

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