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Gmail backup download software

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The software provides a Mail Filter feature to Archive Gmail emails by date range, which let the users give a specific date range and the rest of the work will get done by the software. Gmail mailbox stores a variety of data, and it uses multiple folders to store these data items. The Gmail Email Backup software maintains the data integrity during the entire process, Gmail email backup.

It is possible due to the highly optimized and efficiently-designed algorithm of the tool, which makes sure that no data get altered or changed after the whole life cycle or Gmail email backup process. GUI or the user interface of the software is self-descriptive or intuitive in nature. It makes the user more comfortable handling the tool.

The process becomes more easy and simple due to the interface, which means it is not required to be a technical-sounding person to download Gmail backup using this tool. Software Guide.

Immediate Activation. Note: Please provide a software customization request quotation if you need to add some extra special features to customize Aryson Software. Size: MB Version: Compare all the features you can avail of in the demo and the Full version of the Gmail Email Backup Tool. I will suggest this Google Account Backup to each user out there.

It saved all the documents of G-Drive without any single bit of data loss. It is One of the best tools that I had in the past couple of years. The tool is really straight and simple to use. Stand-up time for the process is really short and results generated by the tools meet my need.

Yes, you can use this software to take an email backup of Gmail and save them into external hard drives or USBs successfully. Yes, you can use the given software steps to transfer emails from one to another Gmail account, which is the following:.

The time that will be taken to back up the Gmail archive totally depends upon the internet speed, and size of the data. Yes, you can use the demo version of the Aryson Gmail Backup Tool to take back up but only up to 50 email items of Gmail Account. This application doesn't have many prerequisites apart from the fact that It should be a Windows OS, you need to be connected to the internet and use an application-specific password.

This software does not recover the lost Gmail password. Our tool is only intended to take the backup of your Gmail account emails and requires the account holder's email id and password to backup Gmail emails. Yes, it is compulsory to enter credentials email-id and application-specific password on the logging page of the Gmail Backup tool. Until and unless you will not share account credentials then how will the software be able to backup account data? Although the credentials are required, we assure you that your credentials will not be stored on any database system or revealed in front of any second person.

Yes, email attachments will very much be included while backup. No amount of data is compromised while the backup is happening and attachments are embedded within the email backup itself. You can import emails from Gmail to your Yahoo account directly from the tool itself. No data loss or omission of any information will take place during the email migration process. You can import emails from Gmail to a different or the same Gmail account directly from the tool itself.

You can import emails from Gmail to PDF with attachments directly from the tool itself. There is no such limitation in the full version.

For the Demo version, it is 50 emails per folder. Yes, with our software, you can take a backup of any of the folders user-defined and default of your Gmail account.

You can check the procedure to open a converted PDF file with attachments. Click Here to follow the procedure. Yes, the software allows users to backup the Gmail drive.

Follow the below steps to back up the Gmail drive. Yes, the software enables users to backup calendars and contacts from their Gmail accounts. Step 3: Gmail mailbox will show in left panel, now select mailboxes and click on the Next button. Zip File Repair Archive Recovery.

Data Recovery Recover data from invalid or corrupt Computer files. Windows Data Recovery. Gmail Backup Tool. Excel to vCard Converter. Email Migration. Download Now Purchase Now. Screenshot Video Software Guide Eula. Select the Email Client and file format for saving the Backup of Gmail. Also, provide the destination path. Select the mailbox folders from the Gmail Account and Click on the Export button.

Now, Click on the Next button and wait until the completion of the Gmail Backup process. It privileges users to download google contacts from the mailbox directory.

Enables users to directly transfer emails from Gmail to Yahoo, Outlook, Thunderbird, and other Gmail accounts. It offers a Date Range Filter Feature that helps users to backup and export emails of Gmail according to date range. The Free Demo version allows users to backup up to 50 emails of Gmail for free.

For this software use, the users have to need Gmail login credentials and App Password for Gmail. How Gmail Backup Tool can be Useful? Accidental deletion of Mailbox data It is quite possible that a user accidentally or unintentionally deleted data or a part of the mailbox data to free up space.

Google Takeout is Not Enough Google Takeout is a simple utility which allows the users of Google Products, such as Gmail and Drive, to export their data to a downloadable archive file. The Device is Lost Users tend to log into their email profile on multiple devices and they get used to keeping their profile logged in to multiple devices. Changing Your Preferred Client Sometimes, people switch from Gmail to another email client and it is not possible for them to transfer thousands of emails to it.

Exports in Multiple Formats The tool is known for its diversity in saving Gmail emails in various file formats. Stops and Resume Backup Process of Gmail The software is included stop and resume facilities for the users, which help the users to resume or stop during the taking backup of Gmail email according to need.

Takes Free Backup of Gmail With the help of the Aryson Gmail Backup Tool demo version, users can take up to 50 email items backup of Gmail with their attachments for free. Widely Compatible The software is compatible with all the major versions of Microsoft Windows. Backup Google Contacts Google gives a unique way by which users can sync their mobile phones with a google account, and all their contacts get backed up on Gmail. Backups Gmail Email by Date Range Filter To get relevant data from the email account by excluding unwanted emails, a user can apply filters.

Selective Approach for Backup Gmail mailbox stores a variety of data, and it uses multiple folders to store these data items. Request For Software Customization Note: Please provide a software customization request quotation if you need to add some extra special features to customize Aryson Software.

Trial Limitations. Download Size: MB Version: Required System Specification. Supported Platforms. The software is compatible with the latest Windows 11, 10, 8, 8. Software Prerequisites. Human Wills. Adam Stephen. Samantha Twinkle. Submit Your Review. Frequently Asked Questions.

How Do I back up my Gmail? Lunch the software and enter credentials of Gmail then click on the Login button. Now, it will extract all emails from the Gmail account. Choose file format or email clients where to move or save email backup of Gmail. Select the destination path for saving Gmail email backup.

Now, click on the Next button to successfully back up the Gmail email. How do I save emails from Gmail to my computer? Now, choose the file format to save the backup of Gmail email. Select the destination path where users want to save the backup email. Click on the Next button to Save the Backup of Gmail. Free days trial version!

In addition to crucial advantages, here are many other functions allowing backing up Gmail messages in a most convenient and effective way:.

Backup Gmail emails to somewhere be only a part of a job; a next part is to restore these messages from backups. If you want to learn how to restore Gmail backup, please follow the next short instruction. Besides doing a simple Gmail backup and restore, you can use Handy Backup for transferring messages to a different account, or even for migrating emails to different mail server assuming that server supports IMAP.

Just change a restore location and select a new mail server configuration to copy data. To try Handy Backup as Gmail backup software, download and install the newest full version for a days free trial. Get a personal experience with your new, hot Gmail backup tool!

All rights reserved B Hazelhurst Dr. English French Russian Spanish. Handy Backup Contact Us Sitemap. Become our partner Sources for Partners and Press Distributors. Free Download Version 8. Choose a backup task on Step 1. You can select either simple or advanced task wizard mode. Then go to Step 2 and click on the E-mail plug-in in the E-mail group. Scheduling Backup Operations You can schedule your Gmail backup tool to strictly defined local time, with possible repeating at an interval from a minute to some months.

Different Methods of Backup Control To reduce time and space usage for backup Gmail emails, you can save your account messages, contacts etc. Backup Notification via Email You can set up the program to send notifications and reports to some email that you provide.

Recommended Solution. A good choice of data storages, providing both Gmail online backup and local storage; The time stamping technique, allowing marking backup versions for auto processing; Many control options, such as running as Windows service or notifying users by email; Linking your Gmail backup task into some workflow by auto-running other programs; Logging and reporting all tasks and events, as well as running missed tasks if you need it.

Create a restoration task, either in simple or advanced mode. On Step 2, select the file backup. Backup Bitcoin Wallet.

Who uses our backup software? When you visit the site Handybackup. Create a new backup task as described above. On Step 2, click on the Gmail plug-in in the E-mail group. In a new browser window, enter your Gmail account name and password. Grant permission for Handy Backup to use Gmail account.

This will close a browser window. Click OK and go to your Gmail account folders list. To back up the messages you checked, click OK again and return to the Step 2 window. Continue creating a backup task as described in the User Manual.

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It permits one to take backup in PST format that can be easily imported into MS Outlook and other previous editions. For individual folders, an archived MBOX file is created. That is an Inbox.

A separate MBOX file is created for any label too. The tool supports retaining detailed formatting, meta-attributes, etc. Gmail backup software feature allows users to backup Gmail emails data and save into PDF documents. For paperwork or other legitimate reasons, downloaded PDF documents may be highly helpful. This wizard is the perfect option for those who wish to export Gmail to PDF format.

The software offers various customizations to mark it as the online market's best. Download the software and install it on your system to start the backup process. The tool maintains the meta-attributes, layout, structure, and architecture of data even after backup. When backing up emails, email attachments are separately archived in a folder when backed up.

Lotus Notes Installation is required to finish this process. You can also backup Gmail account data and Migrate to Zimbra Mailbox direcly.

The software will archive Gmail emails to numerous webmail servers, including: Outlook. And you can use the "I Am Admin" option to perform several user archives, using which you can perform Exchange Admin Users Impersonation:. In addition to this the Gmail email backup software offers additional options:. Free Gmail backup software allows to export a maximum of 25 emails from every folder in desired file format including all the details.

If you want to get complete data backup then buy Gmail backup tool full version. Software Guide. The Gmail Backup Tool will be delivered automatically. After your payment is confirmed, you will receive an email with a link to download the product and the activation key. Can I backup my personal Gmail account emails?

Can I backup selective Gmail folders? Yes, the Gmail backup software gives the option to back up the desired email folders from a Gmail account. Can I backup multiple Gmail Accounts at a time? I have 20 Gmail accounts, and I want to take a backup of all accounts at once.

Does this software support it? Will the software work on Mac OS? How can I fix this problem? Yes , you have to enable IMAP access and generate the app password to avoid this error.

You can get the complete steps here � Gmail Settings. I have multiple Gmail mailboxes and I want to take a backup of emails from my Gmail account. How can I selectively make a backup of Gmail emails? The software is safe as well as secure to print Gmail data. The best thing is that it supports all Acrobat Adobe versions to perform the backup of data.

No changes are made to the data while performing the process. Thank you. The tool takes only a few moments to download all the data. The tool supports all Outlook versions to perform the data backup from a Gmail account.

No, modification is done while taking backup. Gmail Backup tool performs the complete data backup and save in MSG format without data loss. The wizard moves the complete data files to. The tool is completely standalone, as it does not require any external utility to perform the data backup. The utility saves all the Gmail mails along with headers, attachments, Meta Properties, formatting, styling, etc.

Fill in account credentials and press the Login button. Step 2: Enable check boxes of desired emails BitRecover Gmail Backup wizard allows you to select email folders from the software interface and choose any saving option from the list of saving options provided by the software. Choose one according to your requirements. Enter all credentials of the Gmail account such as Email ID and app password. You can use Advance setting options for selective backup.

Backup Gmail Emails for Cloud With this Gmail backup tool, one can back up Gmail messages to several cloud-based email services directly. Maintains Gmail Email Attributes During the process to get emails from Gmail, this tool maintains all the email components.

Backup Gmail Emails in Batch Users can easily download and take backups of Gmail mailbox data into the desired file format in bulk. Archive Personal Gmail Account Emails Most of us have decades of sensitive business and personal history in our Google accounts, so setting up a daily export schedule is a wise move. Backup Gmail Emails with Attachments BitRecover Gmail Backup software preserves all types of email attachments during the backup of Google Mail account data in selected file formats.

Allows Selective Gmail Email Backup This multifunctional email archiving wizard offers several advanced filters to accomplish selective Gmail email backup. Multiple File Naming Conventions This Gmail email backup software offers 10 File naming conventions to its users for single email and document formats.

Hence, there is no way to restore the deleted Gmail messages after 30 days except maintaining a local backup file. A backup copy of your personal Gmail account on the system always ensures the safety of all your data in case of any disaster.

Backup for Personal Gmail Account. You can backup messages from the following folders:. The advanced technology of Google Gmail Backup Software allows users to save a backup copy of all Gmail contacts and calendars on their local system. Both these components are as important as Gmail email messages. With SysTools Gmail backup software, you can save the.

Gmail Backup Tool can download the following files of personal Google Drive including the "Shared with me" folder. With a combination of remarkable features and simple interface, the Gmail Backup tool is capable to backup Gmail emails, contacts, events, Google Drive documents from the free Gmail account on Windows operating system. You only need to login with your Gmail account and customize the process as per your requirement. This utility allows you to take the backup of single or multiple Gmail accounts safely to your local computer.

The tool also preserves the integrity of confidential mails. Select the desired format to later use it on various other applications. Gmail Backup is an all-in-one tool that provides the facility to download Google contacts into standard VCF format 2. In addition, the contact under labels can also be backed up into the respective file type locally.

Along with Gmail emails and contacts, one can easily save events from personal Gmail account into ICS format at any user-specified location.

Afterwards, you can import this. Hence, it is possible to effortlessly take Google Docs offline backup with this utility. When logging into your Gmail account via software panel, you will be redirected to a web page for o-authentication. The feature allows you to choose 'Accept' for permitting the tool to access your account data for its Gmail email backup to multiple file format. Apply filters to minimize the time and effort and get only relevant Gmail account data into various file formats.

The tool provides the following two filters:. The Gmail Account backup software is equipped with many dynamic features and Delete After Download is one of them. This feature removes Gmail emails from the server once they are saved on the local machine. To use this feature, you only need to check the box labeled as Delete After Download during the Gmail data backup task.

To save time and space, the tool incorporated a remarkable feature named as Incremental Backup. It provides the facility to download only new data items, if the backup of that Gmail account had already been taken.

In short, instaed of saving the entire data again, it exclusively takes the back up of only recently added Gmail items. In fact, after the completion of Google Gmail account backup process, a backup report containing information about the Folder Path, Success Count, and Failed Count will be saved automatically on the local system.

The Google Gmail Email Backup Tool comes with an interesting and easy-to-operate UI that can be used by both novices and technical persons to save data into multiple file formats. Execution of each step comes with the change of screen where all options are clearly explained. The software maintains the complete data download history of your Gmail account. In case of sudden system crash or loss of Internet connection, you can look up at the Home Page of Gmail Backup software to find out the complete account backup history.

You can run the software in the language of your choice. Apart from English, Google Mail Backup tool offers 10 more language options to choose from. With this tool, you can backup all data items like Emails, Contacts, Calendars, and G Drive Documents from your personal Gmail account. Apart from this, you can choose any specific item rather backing up all of them locally.

For this, you only need to check or uncheck the item box from the user interface. As the backup of Gmail emails is completed, the resultant file can be viewed in the same folder structure as that of the Gmail account. The Gmail backup software supports to maintain the email folder hierarchy of Gmail account throughout the backup process.

The Gmail Backup Software allows users to take the backup of Gmail emails and contacts in the Outlook data file format even without the installation of the native application. An option to use Mode is also provided to download and save Gmail Calendar in the Outlook data file format. Having backup of your full Gmail account allows you to secure the data at your local desktop. The data loss may still occur due to exceeding server storage limit, unintentional deletion and other such reasons.

This tool helps you in recovering the deleted Gmail emails and will carry on the Gmail backup to Microsoft. Gmail backup software allows users to take the backup of their Gmail emails and associated attachments in a portable format. The tool will create a portable format with the same name as Subject by default of the email and each email will contain its attachment files within it. You can also download the Gmail email attachments in a separate folder for each Gmail email by enabling the "Save attachment on disk" option.

For uninterrupted downloading, Gmail Email Backup tool allows you to pause the on-going backup process. The process can be resumed even after the software is closed and re-run later on only by providing the respective account password. The downloading process can also be resumed if it has stopped due to breaking off of the Internet connection. This Gmail Backup Tool offers naming convention option in case of various file formats.

This naming convention allows users to save their Gmail emails with different names. With this utility, one can effortlessly backup Gmail emails in popular file formats. The user can save both money and time by opting our software. Download Now. Limitations The Demo version can backup your Gmail emails to other email file formats. Software Guide.

If you need to customize Gmail Backup or need additional features then, Request Quote. Therefore, I want to know that if I use your Gmail Backup software then is there any security risk in which your tool will save my credentials in your database?

However, if you want us to save this data, then you will have to check the Remember Credentials option, which is present on the login page of the Gmail account backup tool. I have an account on " companyname. Can I backup my account using your tool? No, Google Gmail Backup tool will work only for " gmail. But the process got interrupted due to slow Internet speed.

Should I start it again from zero or can I resume it further while backing up my data from Gmail to? No issue , you do not need to restart the backup process. The time taken by the software to backup entire Gmail account depends upon the internet speed and amount of data being backed up.

No , there is no limitation on the number of Gmail accounts you can backup with Gmail Email Backup tool. No , it does not recover lost Gmail password. SysTools Gmail Backup tool is only intended to take the backup of your Gmail account data like: emails, contacts, calendars and documents and requires the account holders email id and password to save Gmail into multiple file formats.

Yes , you can install the software and run it smoothly without. But if you want to convert Gmail calendar to file format, then installation is required.

The Gmail Backup tool can backup Gmail data in several file formats. If you wish to take backup in the file format, then must have to be properly installed and configured. However, if you want to backup Gmail data in some other file format, then we have free viewers available to open and preview such files.

What should I do? You must have full admin rights on machine and launch the tool as Run As Administrator if you are getting empty Gmail data backup in resultant files. Yes, you can store all your Gmail data to a personal computer, hard drive, or any other external drives by using Gmail Backup tool.

Yes, SysTools Gmail backup tool allows you to take the backup of emails in data file formats. Using the backup format as the "PDF" option, you can save entire Gmail account emails in a portable format.