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7th pay matrix gujarat pdf download

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Therefore, implementation of the same with retrospective date of 01 Jul 17 would cause a financial disadvantage to a Govt servant who promptly complies with the Govt orders, i. It is opined that since CTG is based on the basic pay, which had already been revised earlier with effect from 01 Jan 16, it should have been given as per the new basic pay only and should not have been linked to the allowances.

Now basic pay has been revised in the month of Aug with multiplication factor of 2. Hence, 7th CPC basic pay was already in vogue as on 30 Jun 17 and the same should have been taken into consideration along with the grade pay. The transfer process of an employee is not complete on his reporting to the new unit after availing joining time on being SoS from the previous unit.

During this entire disturbance period the employee incurs huge unforeseen expenses. Therefore in my opinion considering the CTG as an allowance and making it effective from 01 July 17 is misplaced. The date of CTG implementation should not be linked to that of allowances, if done, it will be violation of basic spirit behind it and introductory GoI notifications related to CTG as well. It is further opined that the employees who have dutifully proceeded on transfer as per due date prior to 01 July and complied with the transfer orders have been at a financial disadvantage by not being eligible to draw the CTG as per new rates and subjected to undue financial hardships.

Further, disallowing an employee CTG as per new rates would seem to be logical if the entire process of transfer, i. In case his return to new duty station with his family has concluded after 01 July 17, in my opinion disallowing him CTG as per new rates would be incorrect. According to the rule position for availing joining time, employees are entitled to avail the same either immediately or within six months.

Ironically, the employees who have been awarded deferment are entitled for enjoying the new CTG benefit but others are not.

It is pertinent to mention here that the employees who have obeyed the transfer order keeping in mind station seniority new cut-off date 01 Jul in place of earlier 01 Jan of every year and without any negotiation by not seeking any extension have been at a financial disadvantage. On the basis of early comers reporting, their relievers have been granted small extensions few weeks to a month on mutual consent.

In view of the above, it is requested that the matter be taken up with DoPT for review and kind consideration as one time measure under extra-ordinary circumstances and CTG as per new rates granted to those employees also who have moved before 01 Jul 17 so that they are not strained financially.

My health unit BR SIngh hospital is 14 km away from my residence. I am getting any medical allowance. My wife is bed-ridden patient. I also surrendered my BR Singh hospital registration card.

My father is a retired navy officer. He has received arrear in He want to file return for assessment year Plz tell me how can we find this year wise arrear detail.

I Basudeo prasad as department joining date 15 july my salary disputed 5 pay commission my fast basic Rs. Gp Rs Sir I am bsf department person.

Sir I am getting in level 5 from July I am a retired pensioner. My pension is received after deducting the tax but not mentioned in form 26s. Is it o. Ok or I will get any thing more. I am retired on Got stag. Before getting 2nd stagnent allowance I have taken vol. My pension fixed at Rs Qualifying for pension 39years 3months.

Is it OK or any wrong. Should I not benefitted for stagnent for the long period. At what scale it will be fixed after revised 7th CPC. There is a conspiracy to betray the incumbents who are in the pay of level 2, 6 and 7. Their upgradation in accrual of MACP will be enhanced by a increment only. Because on accrual of increment in these levels it fits exactly over one of the cells in the next level..

But, in other levels same instance will never happen.. Also pls advise if application is needed from the pensioner to get the arrears and if so pls advise the format in which the appln is required to be submitted and where it is to be submitted. My Basic Pay was Rs 37, in the pay scale on retirement on Less Pension Commuted Rs.

I get a departmental promotion of assistant Exuctive on march I have a question about pay fixation. I am working in C. SSA will be placed in grad , my question is that whether increment will be granted both the time or not. I m working as a trimmer grade 3 in certral railway from 8 years I get a departmental promotion of assistant loco pilot on 1. DOB An error noticed in arriving pay matrix in pay calculator.

A single index of 2. The error may be rectified and revised calculator could be published to help the pensioners.. Retired on in the gr.

The AIS pensioners would be at ease if the concerned Accountant-Generals are to deal with the matter of final fixation of pension in their offices directly. The department has 9 Regions all over India. The Head Quarter is in Kolkata. The seniority for LDC is maintained Region wise for promotion. Rabi Nayak, Kolkata on The details are as below: �. Whether, I compare my pay to the other Regions employee.

Can stepping up be applicable after comparing to the other person who is belonging to other Region for whom separate seniority list is maintained. Is benefit of bunching applicable in this case? Waiting for your kind co-operation and valuable suggestions. My pension was fixed as Rs. I have earned 13 increments in this scale. My pay in revised pay scale 6th pay commission was fixed as Rs.

In view of the above, my pension should be fixed on the basis of second method as approved by Cabinet as I have drawn 13 increments. My pension should be calculated after giving benefit of 2. It is requested to look the matter and send your views in the matter Regards.

Till the Govt not yet decided the rivew of pay increase and pension to Central govt employees. But Govt considered one Rank one pension to difence personals where the commission also recommend to increase pension for all central govt employees like as defience staff.

It is a fault of Recognised trades in our country they are not nogisiate problem with Govt. At very begging the union was done great mistake such as they postponed the indifinate strike otherwise the Govt automatically considers our demand.

RajsabhSabha is not paying a singe. Pause of the income tax and all getting more and more benefits than regular employees. I drew 6 increments in my previous grade. My Pay Fixation , based on 6 increments drawn, as per matrix should be : 1,41, Isnnt it? My grade pay increased after 10 yrs service pb2 to pb 3 on Pension fixation of pre pensioners, those who retired before as per pay matrix table.

I am retired college lecturer from commerce college, taken VR S on Sir I wish to know about implementation of 7th CPC for pre pensioners of Gujarat university affiliated colleges Teachers those who retired before And because of non-cmpletion of 6 months or days admintration is not giving them anuual increament, only promotional increament is given to them, and their annual increament is shifted to w.

Sir, i was discharge from DSC due to disability pc after 10yr servs dt on This may be for pre and pre The index for present CG employees is 2. But while computing Pension it is mentioned that the existing pension is to be multiplied by Please see to this. Is there any benefit if i opt for option 2 in the for of option. I have retired on Kindly let me know what will be my new pension.

The basic and DA calculated at the time of joining and continue to draw after that in 7th pay commission. What do govt give and thinks for CG who are sick and put under low medical category while serving for the nation.

Is there any facilities for their future and family from the govt side after giving their valuable life for the nation. Please the high thinking politicians and high authority need to think positively so that no citizens in this democratic country is neglect. Hon bl e sir, After about 18 years of service I have not been given any promotion without fault. My appointment date is Is there any other relief for such case?

Perhaps you may not be satisfied with my comments then so nice of you for seeking solid. Again with regards. This is bared. Which can be paid that is sufficient more than. What about the similarity of paramedical staff like O. Assistant ,Lab assistant, X Ray,Dialysis assistant,etc in pay anomaly in seventh pay commission.

It is not at all clear for we as a pensioner of Please confirm. Rest part of the VII pay commission is considerable. The change in multiple factor make lot of different in pay.

We expect quick promotions for person with differently abled�.. SPL Allowances. SPL Leaves. This 7 cpc has no scientific economical social explanation for pay fixation formula just it appears as if at the last moment some young cleark working on contract basis has filled up the table.

Mera head comml. Clerk se medical decategorise huaa thaa Ab meri post clerk kr di gyi hai type test liya ja RHA hai jbki post os honi chahiye appointment ka v gp hai please solve my matter.

My dt of appointment inRly I am a pensioner, associate professor. In IIT, with gp of It falls into level 13B. I could not find the initial for this level. Can any one clarify my doubt? Thank you. Sir may payment basic grade pay hai and 7th pay comition me meri total salary kya hongi.

I am retirrf in 31stmay My pension as per 6th pc is My grade pay is What would be my pension now. Pay commission wrong hai isko GP ka kuchh bhi nhi diya hai ek ko itna diya dal atta sabji ke rate to ek hote hai fir pay commission me antr kyon eh sab kya Congreshi member the jo har frk dalte aye hai aur dal rahe hai puna smikshya kiya jaye.

I am servicing as a doctor in govt. I would like to ask about Non private practicing allowance in 7th CPC. I retired in from army now my basic pension is after orop it would be rs. Sir tell me after 7th pc recommend how will be my basic pension.

Ramesh Chandra mahapatro retd reader in chemistry Retd on 1st july with basic pay of and gr pay of and getting pension of Dear Sir, First 5 scales get merged with minimum of Rs. In scale there are 5 grade pays viz. Just because he draws GP Rs. Do not you thing it unscientific or illogical. Will you please explain how the pay commission has arrived at entry pay with method applied. Sir, The pay fixation given by the 7 th CPC looks illogical.

One example is the official in level 10 after 34 years service not accepting any promotion is going to fixed at basic pay 1,48, as per the mattrix table. The same officer reaching to level 13 by getting three promotions during his 34 years is going to fixed at 1,41, , that is by getting 3 promotions he is going to loose 7 thousands in basic pay.

Please inform us whether it is anomaly or not. They are provided treatment in the General wards. Where as A fourth class pensioner getting treatment in semi private or even private wards. This because of higher pension amount. After discharge. They are below an peon. The fitment factor is as said 2. Particularly, The jump in the factor from 2. I hope the authorities will trim the higher or raise the lower to make it appropriate and reasonable.

There is Avery Serious Anamoly in the pay matrix recommended, retirement without increments leads to lesser pension than that before promotion. Needs to looked into in detail and redressed.

The committee appointed for formulation of pension rules is requested to consider reckoning of increment which has been earned on the last day of month but could not be drawn on Ist of month due to retirement for the purpose of fixation of pension. This will help the pensioner to receive higher commutation amount higher leave salary amount and higher gratuity. Whta is its meaning? Retired from RLY service on What options of opt.

Higher amount of Pension may kindly be calculated. I am working as a Jr. Technician in the pay band of Rs.. I completed 28 years govt. My present B,P. What was the benefit for me.? I shall retire on superannuation w.

P for central civil govt employees under 7th C. Sir mein army PBOR rank 11 year service hua hain. This is absolutely a gross injustice to the pensioners of all Level 2 � 9. Thus i have put in 38 yrs and 5 months service..

My basic pension is Rs in the GP of in 6 cpc.. As per 7 pc my pension will be Rs after multiplying my present pension by 2. P and my pension will be Rs at present and there is a huge difference of Rs The salary scale structure for pay level 1 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 2 starts from Rs.

The salary scale structure for pay level 3 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 4 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 5 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 6 starts from Rs.

The salary scale structure for pay level 7 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 8 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 9 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 10 starts from Rs.

The salary scale structure for pay level 11 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 12 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 13 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 13A starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 14 starts from Rs.

The salary scale structure for pay level 15 starts from Rs. The salary scale structure for pay level 16 starts from Rs. To know the 7th pay commission salary slab with help of 7th cpc pay calculator. It contains 19 stages as pay level from Level 1 to Level 18 including Level 13A. Up to Level 10, each level has 40 subsequent positions of pay. From Level 11 to 18 the pay hierarchy is gradually decreased. The minimum of the Pay Matrix Table is Rs.

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WebJan 1, �� 7th Pay Commission Revised Pay Matrix pdf for further reference of all group of Central Government employees. 7th pay matrix table pdf download option to save . WebAug 19, �� No. (GN) PGR Pay Cell: In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to article of the Constitution of India, the Governor of Gujarat hereby Missing: download. WebObject Moved This document may be found hereMissing: download.