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Nit defender

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Print Friendly Version. Advanced users can also choose to exclude any of the options mentioned above. For my testing, I downloaded around infected. Some competitors, such as Norton , provide similar real-time malware detection rates, but Bitdefender provides the best customization options on the market for its real-time scanner.

Chrome, Firefox, and even third-party anti-phishing tools from competitors like Panda and Kaspersky failed to detect as many suspicious sites as Bitdefender. Whitelisting sites can be done in one click, whereas other antiviruses such as Norton require you to dig through settings and advanced protocols to whitelist safe sites. Overall, Bitdefender provides exceptional anti-phishing protection as well as protection against a wide range of other web-based threats.

In addition to blocking more phishing sites than most competitors, Bitdefender also makes it easy to whitelist websites and adjust web protection settings. Bitdefender offers a highly customizable firewall that monitors your in- and outbound network traffic, stopping cybercriminals from infiltrating your Wi-Fi network and spreading malware. The firewall comes with various useful features.

For example, it offers port scan protection, a passive detection mode, and a stealth mode. Most of these features work well and are excellent for advanced users. In other words, if hackers tried probing my network for vulnerabilities, my computer would simply ignore their attempts and not show them any information.

In this mode, Bitdefender will issue a pop-up every time it detects a new application trying to connect to the internet. That said, Bitdefender makes it simple to create your own firewall rules for individual applications.

You simply navigate to the Rules tab on the firewall, click Add Rule , and browse for the program you want to make a custom rule for before setting its permissions.

For example, with Stealth Mode enabled, I could still send documents to my wireless printer. Bitdefender managed to free up a total of 1. This was frustrating because I wanted to know what I was deleting, not just the location of the file in question. Here are the main benefits of using Safepay:. During testing, Safepay worked really well. I was also unable to copy-paste my password or 2FA codes while using Safepay! The virtual keyboard popped up the moment I was asked to enter my login details, keeping keyloggers from recording my password or personal info.

However, it does provide the essential functions of a password manager, such as:. Bitdefender still offers the My Wallets features for Windows desktop users, which is a basic password vault with auto-fill capabilities and a password generator. The full-featured password manager add-on is super cheap, so if you want a simple and secure way to manage your passwords, then Bitdefender is a pretty decent option.

The password manager lets you store passwords and other information, like identities personal information, addresses, and phone numbers , credit cards and bank accounts, email credentials, license keys and logins for software, and Wi-Fi passwords. The auto-fill and auto-save functions worked well during my tests. By default, Bitdefender auto-filled my details without requiring any clicks, but I also had the option to disable this and manually click to auto-fill my details.

The auto-save feature offered to save my login credentials whenever I logged into new sites. Bitdefender also has a pretty good password generator that enables users to generate passwords up to 32 characters long. This is good, but top password managers like LastPass can generate passwords that are up to 99 characters long. It checks for weak, old, reused, and leaked passwords. That said, it covers all of the basics � it uses unbreakable bit AES encryption, has a no-logs policy, and comes with a kill switch.

I was impressed with the speed test results. The speeds are especially good when compared to VPNs from companies like Panda , which can cut your download speed in half and send your ping skyrocketing! On the other hand, Bitdefender is really good for torrenting � you can even set the VPN to auto-connect whenever you start a peer-to-peer sharing app.

I tested the parental control app on my PC and Android. To set it up, I navigated to the Privacy tab in the desktop app, and then I clicked on Configure under Parental Advisor. You can:. However, I could see how much time my friend was spending on her mobile phone, view which apps she accessed, and accurately track her location. Bitdefender provides additional protection for your PC webcam and microphone. A notification was displayed on my screen every time an access attempt was made, enabling me to either allow or deny access.

I like how I could customize access to my webcam and mic by enabling access for apps I consider safe, like Zoom and Slack. But I could also completely block any access attempts made by my web browser, and I was also able to block access to my webcam and mic entirely, so no apps could access these features. This feature is supposed to prevent any file encryption attempts and enable you to restore files encrypted by ransomware attacks. When clicking on the Restored Files button, I could see a list of all files that had supposedly been recovered, including video clips, photos, and other files, and I was able to access almost all restored files with all of the original information intact.

Despite a few missed files, I think this feature is very useful. While I would like to see Ransomware Remediation correctly restore all files, almost all of my files were restored correctly, which is impressive, especially considering this feature is not something that many other antiviruses offer.

You can also adjust the settings within each profile to suit your preferences. During testing, this feature significantly improved my performance while using CPU-intensive programs like Adobe Illustrator for work. Bitdefender offers a multi-layered approach to digital identity protection, monitoring data breaches and dark web forums, scanning social media for impersonator accounts, and even providing live credit report monitoring. I especially like that Bitdefender offers an option to remove your data from data broker lists such as BeenVerified, White Pages, Private, and Spokeo data brokers collect personal information on you and sell it to advertisers and marketing teams.

However, Norton also offers this option with its identity theft protections. Bitdefender has also added a live credit report monitoring system with two tiers of protection.

This can include loan applications, mortgages, rental agreements, and more. They track as many as pieces of PII, provide live monitoring and assistance, and add a comprehensive credit monitoring service.

With Bitdefender Anti-Theft, you can choose to locate your device, make it sound an alert, lock it, or wipe all data from it. The protections are surprisingly easy to set up. The location tracking feature was able to locate my device with pinpoint accuracy via the anti-theft dashboard � a dot appeared on the map showing that my phone was located at my exact location on my street.

I was able to do the same via the Android app, as well as adjust all other anti-theft settings. The alert feature sounded an incredibly loud and distressing scream noise, and the remote lock function locked my device, requiring me to input the lock code created during setup to access my device. I would like to see Bitdefender extend its anti-theft features beyond Windows and Android devices support for Mac and iOS would be great , but I think most users would find the anti-theft features incredibly useful.

Bitdefender is one of the most feature-rich internet security suites on the market in , and the features I previously described are just a small part of its entire offering. Bitdefender also has:. The most useful extra feature is the file shredder. I have thousands of files on my system that I no longer need, but some of them contain sensitive information.

Bitdefender offers several payment plans that cover 1� devices, but only Total Security and Premium Security work across all operating systems Windows, Mac, Android, iOS. Bitdefender offers a free Windows plan and a free Mac plan, though both are very limited compared to the premium versions. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus includes real-time malware defense and web protection, as well as:.

Bitdefender Internet Security comes with all of the features included in Antivirus Plus and adds extra features like:. However, for Windows users, Bitdefender Internet Security is one of the best options on the market � it covers up to 3 PCs, includes a ton of features, and is pretty affordable.

Bitdefender Total Security has all of the features included in Internet Security, plus:. Its features include:. While you can purchase between 5� GravityZone Premium licenses, you can also contact Bitdefender for a custom quote if you need more coverage. The Android app is secure, feature-rich, and easy to use. The Android app has an excellent malware scanner.

The scan took only a minute, and it found all of the malicious files I placed on my phone. I tested this feature both on my Windows PC and on my Android phone, and it worked perfectly on both devices. It took me less than 5 minutes to get it up and running on my PC. As soon as I launched the application, Bitdefender gave me a quick tour of the software and suggested I run an initial scan. Users can also remotely scan any of the devices in their plan via Bitdefender Central. This is one of the key reasons why I consider Bitdefender to be one of the easiest antiviruses to use.

Overall, the Bitdefender interface is simple to navigate � even with the huge number of features included in the Total Security and Premium Security plans. In fact, it took over 24 hours to receive an email reply from the support team during my testing, which is pretty slow. There are 28 different phone numbers across 18 countries, including a worldwide phone number with hour service.

When I tested phone support, Bitdefender connected me with an agent almost instantly � which was a big surprise! These articles and especially the videos are more in-depth than the decent knowledge bases provided by most premium competitors, including Avira and McAfee.

Bitdefender has a community forum known as the Bitdefender Expert Community. It advertises itself as a place to connect with experts around the world and get your questions answered, and it offers various categories to explore including product features, enterprise security, and general topics. The forum is pretty active, and most questions are answered within a few hours, which is great.

That said, the email support team could be more responsive. Bitdefender is a strong contender for the best antivirus in Its advanced malware engine detected every piece of malware in my testing � including newer and advanced threats like cryptojackers, rootkits, and ransomware. Its web protection also caught most of the phishing sites I tried visiting � outperforming both the majority of competitors and the most popular browsers, including Chrome and Firefox.

Bitdefender has almost every cybersecurity protection you can think of � from basic things like Wi-Fi protection, a secure browser, and a VPN to more advanced things like parental controls, ransomware remediation, and webcam and microphone protection.

I wish that Bitdefender would add a few more security features to its password manager, improve its iOS app, provide anti-theft support for Mac and iOS, and include the unlimited-data VPN with all plans. Bitdefender offers a free Windows antivirus with web protections , as well as a basic free malware scanner for Mac users. Most likely, yes. Mac users will need to have OS X For the mobile app, Android users will need to have Android 5. Note that your device must be connected to the internet for the mobile app to work on both Android and iOS devices.

Bitdefender is better than Windows Defender in almost every single way. Bitdefender has better malware detection rates, better real-time protection, better phishing protection, better ransomware protection, and better parental controls. Bitdefender also has a whole host of other internet security features like system optimization, a VPN, and a password manager. Go here for a more detailed comparison of Bitdefender vs.

Windows Defender. Yes, Bitdefender is a safe antivirus program to use. Bitdefender also has one of the best malware detection rates , performing incredibly well in all of my tests. If you need complete protection from all malware and internet security threats, Bitdefender Premium Security is a great option.

Bitdefender is one of the safest antiviruses on the market , with million users worldwide. No, Bitdefender does not steal user data. No, Bitdefender is not going out of business.

Bitdefender is one of the best and most feature-rich antiviruses on the market. She has nearly a decade of experience researching, testing, and reviewing cybersecurity products and investigating best practices for online safety and data protection. She also worked as a freelance writer and editor for tech, medical, and business publications.

RUB Russian ruble. Home Best Antivirus Bitdefender Reviews. Professional Reviews. Affiliate Commissions. Reviews Guidelines. Ranked 2nd from 68 antivirus companies. This article contains. Bitdefender Antivirus � Frequently Asked Questions. In addition, Bitdefender has more security features than almost all other brands: Advanced ransomware protection.

System optimization. Secure web browser for safe online payments. Password manager. VPN virtual private network. Parental controls. Webcam and microphone protection. Anti-theft protection for Windows and Android. Get Deal. Free Trial. Read More. Bitdefender Internet Security. Bitdefender Total Security. Katarina Glamoslija Head Content Manager. Share this Review. Show first. English Russian Spanish Polish 7.

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They also include a two-way firewall, which can be set to Stealth mode to make sure nobody from outside your home network gets access.

Parental Controls come with Internet Security, Total Security and Premium Security and work across all platforms for seamless control and monitoring. The new OneClick Optimizer makes recommendations for speeding up your computer, such as getting rid of junk files or fixing Registry problems.

To measure the performance impact, we used our custom benchmark test, which clocks how long a PC takes to match 20, names and addresses on an Excel spreadsheet. The Lenovo ThinkPad T laptop we used had a 2. Before we installed Bitdefender, the T took an average of The completion time increased to During a full scan of the entire computer, it took our benchmark test The benchmark completion time during a quick scan was But the other brands we tested had heavier tolls, with McAfee nearly doubling the system load during full scans.

The Bitdefender scanning engine took 35 minutes and 41 seconds to complete the first full scan, looking at a comprehensive 1,, files. That's more than twice as long as the edition's time of to do roughly the same task. But the second time through the system, Bitdefender's engine learned what to ignore and examined , files in By contrast, Kaspersky Total Security took to scan through , files on the first pass � one-third as many as Bitdefender Total Security.

Speaking of Bitdefender Total Security's Quick Scan, it took 3 minutes and 58 seconds to run through 9, key files that might be infected. That time dropped to on subsequent scans. The older version took to look at 9, files.

While Kaspersky Total Security ran through one-third as many files, it took to check for malware that dropped to on the second pass. Bitdefender's desktop interface has been slightly updated and tightened up. The Dashboard shows the program's major categories on the left, including Protection, Privacy, Utilities, Notifications and Settings. On the right, you can start a scan and also fire up the VPN or open the Safepay hardened browser. You can add another "action" of your choosing or replace an existing one.

Bitdefender's Taskbar icon lets you open the main program or update its malware definitions, but it can't start a scan. You can check your subscription, get tech support and use the Parental Advisor feature on your Bitdefender Central online account, which has a two-factor-authentication option.

Bitdefender now offers Digital Identity Protection opens in new tab , which checks your online personal data exposure and alerts you to threats, data breaches and identity theft. Loading Bitdefender on a fresh system starts with creating an account at Bitdefender Central, then downloading the nearlyMB installer file. As the program installs itself, it runs a quick device assessment and lets you run a Quick Scan.

It took us 13 minutes to get and install Bitdefender Total Security , roughly twice as long as the previous version took.

With Bitdefender's Premium Security suite, you get priority support. We've heard several complaints about Bitdefender tech support over the years. The Bitdefender website has a slew of FAQs, self-service material and instructional videos.

Bitdefender's Windows antivirus lineup returns to the top tier of security programs with excellent defenses that comes close to air-tight protection. Bitdefender's scanning engine let a few threats through and took up a moderate amount of system resources, but it remains one of the best antivirus software options available and the near-equal of Kaspersky's and Norton's products. For consumers who need more than just antivirus software, Norton with LifeLock also delivers identity-theft protection and unlimited VPN use, but your wallet may feel the hit.

Kaspersky Total Security remains our top choice for pure antivirus software � but that's only if you need everything it offers. By the same token, Bitdefender Total Security is a good buy considering all it includes, and you can get it for even less with Bitdefender's Box security appliance or Netgear Armor router protection.

Updated to add cross-platform password manager and end-of-life for Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. This review was originally published in October Brian Nadel is a freelance writer and editor who specializes in technology reporting and reviewing. He works out of the suburban New York City area and has covered topics from nuclear power plants and Wi-Fi routers to cars and tablets.

US Edition. Home Reviews Antivirus. Tom's Guide Verdict. Cons - Let a few threats through - Lacks file encryption - Heavy background system load. Bitdefender: Specs. Swipe to scroll horizontally. Image 1 of 3. Image 1 of 2. Brian Nadel. Social Links Navigation. See all comments 0. Bitdefender Box acts as a hardware firewall overseeing all your network traffic. It watches for inbound traffic � defending your network from possible hacks or intrusions � and indeed outgoing traffic, moving to block things like requests to known malicious sites, or sending sensitive data like a password over an insecure connection.

In short, Box constantly monitors your home network for any suspicious activity, and covers any device that you have connected to your home Wi-Fi. That makes it a great security option in the IoT age. The Bitdefender Central app provides a convenient web portal which you can use to oversee the status of the devices on your home network, and any threats that may have been dealt with. It also allows you to remotely manage devices and do nifty things like trigger a remote installation of Bitdefender Total Security on any device connected to your network.

Box enables the easy and quick setup of a separate Guest Wi-Fi network for when you have visitors, so they can go online without ever getting access to your full home network. When turned on, this mode instantly blocks the internet connections of smart speakers like Alexa or Google Assistant. Bitdefender antivirus has an excellent reputation in the security field, and its antivirus products are consistently rated highly by the main independent test labs.

Also, you receive free setup assistance on the phone or live chat if you have any trouble getting up and running with Box, which is a welcome touch for those who might feel intimidated at the prospect of setting up a new piece of hardware.

The extra protection granted by Bitdefender Box is certainly worthwhile in terms of considerably toughening up your network. As an ongoing subscription, for someone with plenty of devices to protect � particularly those with a big family, or a load of smart gadgets � the value proposition here ends up pretty tempting, and Bitdefender Box could be a very smart choice for really tightening the security on a home network.

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