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A caress of wings pdf free download

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Kim Winkelmann. The more I read Renegade Angels the more I like it. I read this book after I read book 2 so I knew what was going to happen but the story was still one I liked very much!! I hate waiting for books, especially since Ms. Day has me now waiting for the two books left in the Renegade Angel series and the two books in Crossfire.

I hope something comes about before ! Jen Davis. Author 7 books followers. As the science-minded angel works with her team to clear out a vamp nest, she discovers Trevor, a human who has been their prisoner for the past year. He's been used for blood, sex, and sport and is now only a shadow of his former self.

She was already evolving into emotions but he puts that into overdrive. The question is, can either of them really do that? I liked the story. There is not much in the way of on-page sex, but there are sexy times that are pretty good. I was surprised by how well he was doing at the end. I would have liked to see some cracks there, but it didn't ruin the story for me. It ends on a bit of a cliffhanger. I just hope it's addressed in the next book.

Rated 4. Book 0. See below about book Not really looking forward to the next book though. The heroine is someone I do not like at all. Not sure if I'm gonna read it or not. Problem is that I very much like the hero. Decisions, decisions! Oh my.. What a delight this short story was. I'm glad I don't have to wait but a couple days to continue reading about the Renegade Angels and the other characters in the books.

Absolutely loved this story. Thank you, Sylvia Day. Short but sweet. I have read this series out of order but am pretty sure I remember hearing about both Siobhan and Trevor, so it was great to hear their story. I am not a huge fan of novellas but this was pretty decent but definitely to the point.

A Caress of Wings is another very short novella bridging the books of the Renegade Angels series. This one answers questions I had from A Touch of Crimson. She was in charge of the lab where work was done trying to determine what was happening to fledgings.

She found Trevor, a mortal, being tortured in a nest of infected vampires. Trevor wasn't a vampire, so who had she fallen in love with. They're both worth reading. Even though A Caress of Wings was very good and made a good transition from A Touch of Crimson, it was still a novella.

I can't rate a novella more than 3. It can't stand in its own and is developed as part of another book. There's just not enough plot or character development that you find in novels, plus you could have learned the same thing if the author has added a couple of chapters to the related book.

Betty Server. What is up with the abrupt endings!!!! The first book ends so abruptly that I thought the story might continue in 2nd. I don't get it. It's not like the book is that long or anyone couldn't think of a bit more to add on. Very confusing really.

This book had the potential to be really great. I love Silvia Day's writing and though this is very different from the others books I've ready by her, I never doubted she could pull off the paranormal. But seems she's falling short in the endings. Super Frustrating! The love story of Trevor and Siobhan is so good, it deserves a novel and not a short story. It felt like there were missing pages at the end. I want to read those missing pages!

Great teasers. But please! Let me read the entirety of their love stories. Julien Bradley. Author 3 books followers. One of my first Kindle reads, this story goes fast. I like that Sylvia Day has taken time give one of her secondary characters her own story.

Being a writer myself, I know that in the creation of any story there are sometimes elements edited out to keep a story tight and moving. I refer to this edited elements as, "Little darling. Joanne Pilkiw. Excellent read If you like the renegade of angels series, you will love this, it follows Siobhan another angel and how she fell in love with a vampire, another spellbinding read from Sylvia Day.

No detailed sex in this one, which is unusual for Sylvia Day. Good story though, and I'm definitely looking forward to reading the next book. The chemistry between the 2 leads was realistic, and the characters remained true to themselves. Dana zamora. Heavenly Angel Trevor wished for death, being held captive by vampires, used and abused, Siobhan saved him in more ways than one, gripping story, seeing old friends, loved this book, thank you, Dana Zamora.

Nika Davidson. Another winner What a wonderful inside into this world from the angels perspective. Sara Gilliam. Very good read It is a very good book I need more it ended to soon hope u will keep adding to this series. I honestly couldn't get enough and wish there was more. Michelle Wilson. Unputdownable, if there is such a word! Love this series of books. Once you pick them up, can't put them down.

Definitely recommend them. Sylvia Day at her best. Jil Burnes. I loved Siobhan's character! So caring. Still an enjoyable read, though. Sandy S. As a Fallen, they are now vampire, and require blood to survive.

The lycans are currently on the run, hoping to escape servitude to the Sentinels. Trevor had been held prisoner by a horde of virus-infected vampires for over a year. Tortured, sexually abused and used for his blood, Trevor begged for death. Weak and dying, all he knew was the daily pain and torment of hundreds of hungry mouths biting and clawing for his blood.

But when a beautiful angel freed Trevor from his chains, he knew death had granted his wish. Siobhan is a researcher for the Sentinels. Knowing their blood was a cure for the vampire virus proved invaluable and dangerous at the same time. If the vampires knew then every Sentinel would be targeted.

But finding a dying Trevor chained to a wall pulled at her heart. Guilt ate at Siobhan for not finding Trevor sooner, but by infusing his blood with her own, Trevor would soon make a quick physical recovery. But it was his emotional mind and his memories that would cause bigger problems for the pair, when Trevor and Siobhan begin to develop a strong attraction to each other.

Siobhan knew that to fall for a human would mean to Fall as an Angel. Warning bells alarmed whenever she considered the possibility of a relationship with the sexy human male. Hope is for fools, when she must deliver a package to Angel Towers and seeing Trevor-the connection between the couple is stronger than either can resist.

But Trevor has changed in the weeks since Shiobhan sent him away and now the realization of what he is will force Siobhan to make a decision she never thought would be made. Siobhan was previously introduced in an earlier storyline and A Caress of Wings opens a premise into another potential Fallen Angel. To be honest, in the beginning I had a difficult time connecting to the pair.

Perhaps it is because the Sentinels are without emotions, yet Siobhan most definitely felt something for Trevor.

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