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Adobe reader apk download for windows 7

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You can request that data be deleted. The reason I gave this app 3 stars is because the search option is broken. When you search a word in a document the search bar will glitch out and close.

It gets pretty frustrating when you have to type a word over and over again in the search bar. I don't know what happened to the search feature It has gotten Downgraded over the years to the point where it's almost useless.

This latest problem is another slip in quality. If this problem is corrected I will adjust my rating accordingly. Hi there! That shouldn't be happening! We want to investigate what went wrong and help to get the issues resolved. We're here to help! Problem: even though I have it set to not use liquid mode Adobe keeps forcing me to use it then turn it off for that document. Updated: Adobe responded without actually reading my complaint, just fished out the keyword liquid.

Update 2: They provided instructions that flat-out don't work. The only liquid mode option is "Convert to liquid mode automatically" and its already off. And without having an indicator showing that I'm looking at page 1 of 4 or however many , I am frequently missing out on pertinent information for work that is not on page 1 of the PDF. Have feedback? In addition to this core function, however, it Adobe Reader DC 3.

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