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The fog is you. The constant movement of the fog states your emotions, your desire to destroy, the demanding of limitless evil. And then you look at Sherry, stirring her coffee. You hate her. You despise her with your very existence. You despise her because of her very existence. You passively note the presence of others around you, but you are no longer part of them. You are not of the same existence and you see them as insects behind glass. You allow your emotions to flow towards Sherry, demanding to move through her.

You allow the fog, as part of your sentience to move towards her and engulf her from all sides. You strengthen your hatred and let go of your consciousness, being a sentience without an own body. The fog covers her entire body, every inch. At this time you might begin to feel every small movement she makes as if it were your own, yet strangely distant.

The fog moves into her body, entering it through her eyes, mouth and nose. Concentrate on her head. We hold this position, feeling her movement passively and we strengthen the evil within us.

A second rising of evil from below, to strengthen the first flow is suggested. And then we let go, still, a bit further, and with a movement of eternal patience we feel for our second heart. At first we feel a movement, a pattern unlike the hatred and evil of the rest of your sentience. We feel every movement she makes when she makes it. We feel the slow current of her emotions leading to her every movement.

We strengthen our hatred further, always feeling for the second heart. We demand that her secret be shown to us. And then we feel an emotion. At first, we feel several emotions. Different currents with different 'tastes' to them, moving in different directions with different speeds. Some of them are stronger than others, yet together they devise a pattern. We dive past the surface and into the depth of her feelings, searching for the key emotion.

The emotion stronger than all others. We search and feel and we find A sadness, we try to place this emotion and feel it might be sadness in the sense of a loss. Yet, it seems not to be a complete loss that is irrevocable. It is a sadness connected with fear.

An uneasy feeling of a loss to come. Sherry glances around and looks at you, but you must not hesitate at this moment. Ignore it and you see that she looks away again. Not having obviously noticed that you are looking at her. She sighs and frowns slightly. We feel that her sadness deepens. We feel it is a sadness combined with fear and We feel the loss, the object of her sadness coming closer to the surface. It is love. Neglected love. Yet not in the tone of futility. She must partially have the subject of her love.

A man, a man she has met, that she knows. A man that she has fallen in love with. A man that seemed to love her until Something is not the way it should be with this man. He has neglected her. Offended her. He has given her doubt to their relationship. We search further. She has not lost him, yet she is unsure if she still 'has' him. A doubt.

Another women? The possibility of another women. The possibility that his feelings have changed. Her fear of losing him. Her pain of losing her love. We see as her emotions move around. We feel how she considers her position. Her possibilities. But we feel that she is pessimistic. She feels herself incapable of changing the events to come. We feel no hatred. We understand that Sherry does not know her female competition.

We feel her pain. How very deep that pain is. She thinks of him. We feel the emotions appearing, understanding what she loves in him and what not. We understand what she seeks in him. What she perhaps seeks in a man in general. We understand what type of man he might be. We can assume through our armor how this type of man probably thinks and feels. We understand the category he belongs to and have additional details.

We understand Sherry. We understand what she seeks in a man. We understand what she would do for the man she loves. We understand how much control the man she loves has over her.

We understand one of the keys to controlling her. We allow the fog to pass towards Melissa, still rambling on about something not heard by Sherry.

We dive into Melissa as described above. We see her interest in what she is telling Sherry. We feel that she knows that Sherry does not hear her, but Melissa does not mind. We feel sympathy and sorrow from Melissa towards Sherry's situation. We feel the same fear in Melissa, that the man is lost.

The fear is not as great as in Sherry, but it has the same subject. We understand that Sherry is not feeling sorry for herself and that the situation with this man seems to be serious. We feel how Melissa feels helpless to help Sherry. We understand what Melissa would do for a friend. We understand how strong Melissa sympathizes with the ones that are dear to her.

We understand one of Melissa's weaknesses. We understand the man to soon be lost and we know what type of man he probably is. We would have to see the man and read his emotions to be sure, but we have a first idea. The winds howl victorious. Their desires unprotected towards our grasp. A surge of evil touches your predatory soul. You feel the power you have over the sheep.

And thus, we release the two. We stand up and move towards them Perhaps we walk over to them and say, "You shouldn't allow him to bring such sorrow to your soul. The loss is great. Yet you will see the lack of his worth. For if he truly understands your heart, and would be worth that which you are prepared to give him, could he never impale your affection with such indifference.

To meet her again. To repair her relationship and allow her to owe you a favor. To allow her to be your best friend. To allow her to fall in love with you. To take the man for yourself. To be visited by her or Melissa. Wondering and wishing to know how you knew Feeling the emotions of others will allow you to perfectionize your armor. To use abstract constructs when evaluating behavior with a higher degree of detail.

It will allow you to exploit those around you and bind those of your choice to seek your protection or friendship. This is the scalpel of carving your closer environment. This is the key to acquiring the women or man of your choice.

This is the key of understanding hidden desires, when scanning an individual on several occasions. And that, will lead you to the key of corrupting their souls. Practice this technique once a day. You will soon be able to induct it quite fluently in all possible situations. He observed his fellow brethren, and, upon growing in disgust of the ways of those who were once so complex and noble in his thoughts, he stretched out his hand unto them, and proclaimed, "Beholden, it is I, the one who holds all of you within me, yet I am in none of you.

Believe in me, and you shall live on in me. Upon seeing the boy twitch, he cried, "The child is still with me, and now I make him with you! The crowd gasped, and murmured, than began to exalt the Sith apprentice. Just than, a man with a furrowed brow arose from the rabble, gained order, and said, "Thou fools, do you so willingly delude yourselves! Can you not see that you are being preyed upon! Clearly did this stranger from afar simply knock the boy from his sense, and when seeing him take back his motion, did allude that he had raised him from the dead.

Nay, send this brigand from Massu, and back unto the wastes! Behold now your reward, thou animal! Many were hurt in this execution, and two others died as well. Darth Ceive left Massu during this confusion, and spoke unto himself, "Surely truth is of convenience to society´┐Ż and so they ultimately must beat every part´┐Żand no part´┐Żof themselves. From his very youth he was revered as touched by the spirits, for as a child he bore a terrible aversion to mirrors and labor.

When he was old enough, for his family was pore, they sent him to toil in the gardens of the wealthier. It was this time when a famine seized the city, and so the boy joined the multitudes of those who had no job to occupy their hands with.

It was than that the famine ceased, and so Aman went to work again, only for another famine to seize the land. Once more he was without job, than the famine ended, and those that knew him grew suspicious. Once more the famine returned, and it stayed so until finally a wealthy woman took in the boy for her own, and forbid him to work. The famine ended, and, in fact, prosperity came unto the land.

Many had now grown to resent his arrogance, for they knew in their hearts that his sermons were little more than gloating. Yet seeing you incapable, I shall show you the way to faith.

You must give unto me all excess of the rewards of your toils, so that you may see it without prejudice. The crowd was silent. The one who brought the famine was I, not god! He quickly replied, "Let us go for a walk, and in the wilderness I shall speak to you. The man than ceased their silent march at the burial grounds, looked to him, and said, "Rise above yourself, thou parasite.

So there is no need for questioning, really. Seize the day, for that which you love passes away if unclaimed! Than the mirror dropped alone, and a single Aman lay dead beside it. The city never fell victim to famine again. Seize the day, for that which you love passes away.

He longed for his past, and remembered the sweet and aquiline face of the woman who once loved him, though he could not return that love due to his solemn oath to remain chaste for wisdom, for she was to be his only lover. One day, the Hermit was walking in his domain, and speaking unto his flowers, which grew and bloomed as his wisdom did. A serpent made her way before the Hermit, and did observe him with her piercing eyes, and did taste his scent, and, for she was unfulfilled herself, determined that she would speak to him.

Taken aback at first, the serpent thought that the Hermit was to strike her down, and she prepared to try and smite him back. But, the Hermit quickly smiled unto the snake, and gave a nervous chortle. Do they answer you? Have you sat and been reconciled by their council? Do they profess their commitment unto you? Nay, they speak not, and they wilt in due time, only to leave your care for them without thanks. Would thou not rather bless another human with your presence?

And, alas, crawling on thine belly close to the rich earth must have steeped you with wisdom, for I do indeed long for human companionship, yet I am a hermit´┐Ża holy man married to the pursuit of knowledge.

I am forbidden to love another human. Nay, I ask not for curiosity, but of friendship, for my kin live in every corner of the world, and so as a friend, I may know her through mine brethren and I may tell you her fate, or reconcile her. I give you my friendship, and you give insults back? I would do this for you for no fee, but I see now that I would be deluding myself, and your gratefulness would be selfish in nature. Any offense was meant to mine self, as flowers ask rather not of much´┐Żif anything´┐Żand my master, the one who initiated me and readied me for my solitude, taught me suspicion of life, so as it would protect me and guide my inquisition of existence.

Let us bridge this flaw of nature´┐Żfor such, if I am right, is friendship. Would thou we travel the same; we would than talk as friends. Come, let me coil upon thou arm, and we shall commune and speak of your lost love, and with warm hearts we should inquire of existence. So the serpent coiled upon his arm, and he told her the name of the past longing of his heart. She said unto him, "Thou poor and wretched Hermit, sir, I know the woman of whom you speak, for she was a dear friend to me.

For I have seen her just the other day, and she is quite well. Friend, I did not tell you for it is a sinful thing that I did by partaking in her presence, and should you forgive me I would be relived. But, thou deceitful beast, why didst thou lie and say she was dead? Yet the Hermit knew of her plot all along, and did not change his stance at all, yet retained quiet and skeptic composure. It was so that the serpent was bound to the Hermit, trying vainly for the rest of their lives to regain her perceived upper hand, and it was so that the Hermit gained his companionship.

Loneliness is taken advantage of, or is ended. Determined to take something of great value´┐Żthe greatest value possible´┐Żfrom the tomb, he boldly walked on. After all, he was living and quick, and the tomb was of slumber and death. The traveler came into the main cavern, and came just a ways away from the sarcophagus. The dead lord spoke thusly to him, "Thou comes before me´┐Żwhat is thine name, and thy purpose? Who disturbs my solitude? As for my intentions, they are simply the desire for acquisition, and those desires are those of the living.

The dead Sith than spoke thus, "You are very prideful, and very small´┐Ż. Behold, the torches burn bright, and the eyes are not hindered. Yet this sarcophagus hinders us from looking upon each other´┐Ż. Expose my corpse and we will have communion, and understand´┐Żand even help´┐Żone another. The traveler than said, "Nay, my lord, I should not open your sarcophagus, for I am weak. Yet should you desire a body to come near ye, and expose thine dry and leathery body, I should call a servant.

The Sith Lord than did utter, "Than take coinage from the mantle, and bring it unto thine servant," the dead one than raised his voice, "yet then let us have communion, for I have been lonely for longer then ye can fathom. Rather I should be compensated, than I will be so your servant unto mine. Come friend, I shall whisper secrets of the Sith to ye, and when you are content with mine company, you will see I care not if your appearance is that of a dog, and no shame is needed. Whence you shall dine in my company´┐Żfor I have stored much food´┐Żand than thou shalt go unto thine servant, and we will commune with our eyes also.

Would thou buy it back? Or should you lay unprotected, and the robbers pick your bones to peaces and sell them to women as to guard against childbirth, and they take thine legacy to the market and sell it peace by peace! I offer you wealth beyond the material, and even that which for what you will soon no longer need, and thou talks to me as a thief does to a woman?! What mighty force gives you such arrogant right?

I urge you, my friend," calmly and coldly explained the dead lord, the tomb growing chill, "to rather sit in my shadow, that thou might gain wisdom, and ease my loneliness, so that I am enthused to guide thee. Than you will be able to find any treasure you want´┐Żand it shall be greater than what lies in this elaborate home of mine. Not if I were a sage, hungry, and friendless would I befriend you, thou heap of bones and hide. Should you never forgive me, than I would rejoice, I swear. Not in all of time, or of any persuasion would I befriend thee!

It was so that he than had to live the rest of his life, and than all eternity in death, without any leverage or superiority, with a hurt and vengeful dead Dark Lord of the Sith. It would swim illustriously, and would stretch its wings gracefully, but it than thought unto itself, "I should see the type of my beauty, and so I shall ask another. It was so that the swan came to a lady duck, and he arched his cloud-white feathers, and said to the duck, "My dear lady, is there no beauty here?

It is indeed an ugly place, with nothing but ugliness. Yet the swan could not understand her awkward voice, and he was intensely curious as to what she had said. However he did not want to appear stupid, or hard of hearing as with age, and so the brawny young swan spoke, "Madam, you have beauty about, for your eyes are very lovely´┐Ż yet eyes do not hold light to such ugliness in everything else. But than she thought how her brethren also had lovely eyes, and how the males that did quart with her had lovely coloring, and she did remark about this in response.

Once more the swan could not understand her queer and ugly voice, and so he carried on searching for flattery and appraisal, and articulated, "I suppose the ugliness of this lake is born by us all. She held herself high, and observed that all things had, have, or will have a set level of beauty, and she did remark about this in response.

The swan was horrified, for although he could not understand her, he knew her reaction was not the desired humble and meek one he wanted´┐Żquite the opposite. The duck saw him as sadistic and cruel, and she did remark about this in response. She did so in such a loud series of quacks, and she even splashed water with her wings as the narcissistic animal. The swan grew indignant, and said, "Though foul mess of scrappy feathers!

One as you would not know beauty as it sits here before you, but would rather foul the air with your contentious and hideous cries! Vanity buds doubt and denial at the mere sound of quietness. If ye had overcome your love of each other, and had released your tendency towards the desire of power not to be consumed by predators, you all would be quite happy now.

He accepted everything, claimed nothing, and sought to seek nothing but nothingness. Than, a cat´┐Żwhich are very wise creatures indeed, and admired by the Sith´┐Żcame unto this reputable beetle, and asked if he was the scarab so fond of wisdom. Come, scarab, and we shall sit aback, and watch your colony. The cat offered to halt the attack, yet the beetle showed no attachment, and soon the whole hive was consumed.

Accept their fate and do not mourn them, and thou wilst be wiser and freer, dear scarab. So than birds came and consumed the scorpions, and while they were feeding, a small elephant did trample them to pieces, after which a pair of lionesses killed the elephant, and ran off to leave the beast to rot, all as per instructions of the cat.

Yet the beetle remained quiet, and never interrupted to ask the cat to cease the attack. Come now, poor beetle, you are now completely and totally without power.

Yet I shall give thee some´┐Żask me not to, and I will not destroy you. But, come now, I know you shall ask me to retract that offer, as you wish to ascend beyond the role of suffering. However, I urge you to save your life, for there is no need for death, is there? All seek power. Though, despite its delicate tastes, it had quite the same attitudinal, moral, and daily problems that may be seen unto they very own, today.

For this phenomenon, the kingdom attracted many a Sith, and one particular Sith Master, by the name of Darth Amplectus took a specially keen notice of the kingdom´┐Żespecially its capitol city. One day, Lord Amplectus determined to go out unto the capitol, and discover the mysteries and inherent detrimental mindsets of love. His vision was clear, for, when he arrived there, a royal ball was just beginning, and so he drew his cloak around himself, and did slip amongst the throngs of those attending completely unnoticed.

It was than when Prince Insons did make his entrance and came about to the ballroom. He wore clothing not to of his liking, but unassuming and to the likes of his reason, which was a wary mind. Thusly did he enter´┐Żhe gave a bow or two, brushed of some very fond enemies, and stood before his companions along the sidelines, quite leisurely´┐Ż yet with the occasional dart of the eyes.

Upon this moment the orchestra swiftly fell into their first piece, which was the fast sort in which the party-goers did frolic´┐Żnot dance´┐Żunto. Some ladies of the court stood about each other, and the Prince and his advisors did behave in unison across from them. Lord Amplectus gazed upon the two groups. He than looked into the hearts of the waiting ladies, and he observed heaviness progressively rest its bosom on them, as well as confusion in their minds.

Though may it be a trivial beginning. So Darth Amplectus set a spell on them, so that they would join with the men in unison, and so they would draw notice of the young Insons. The women fell upon the men, and as feathers spring from a birds nest, so soon did couples spring from the group and onto the dance floor, gaily swaying to and fro.

And Lord Amplectus did gaze upon them, and spoke thus unto his soul, "Verily do these individuals draw near thanks to contact´┐Żyet what was the spark that fused their hands together in love and merriment? He observed their conversation and heard this´┐Ż "Thou art a gentile soul, my good man," said the lady, "yet thouest look too humble, care, should there be a shadow across thee, pray?

Comfort for some, milady, is aggravation of the nerves for others, and, pray, the latter is the truer oftener for mine self. Of your intentions, I see only the highest and noblest, and so if thou were troubled by my troubles much more tonight, it would cause me shame.

Please, this night is for thee. Why art thou reluctant? Take tonight by storm, for that is the birthright of a prince, to take what is given! Upon this moment the orchestra swiftly fell into their second piece, which was the sort that was very beautiful, and the dancers were seduced into moving in dance rather than by merriment alone. Lady Matrona´┐Żthe finest lady in the land´┐Żdid than enter, and he set a spell upon her to draw her eyes upon the awkward Insons.

Amplectus than set a spell upon the Prince, so that his awkwardness and guilt mushroomed, and for fear of another offense, he resolved to be sociable with the beautiful Matrona.

Prince Insons made his way to the Lady, and courteously made himself known to her. Lord Amplectus did gaze upon the two, and felt sure perhaps that now contact was made between the two, they would be bound. Prince Insons replied, "Such fairness demands no less, milady. So, if thou art willing perhaps thou will grace me with your company with me and my companions, or would thou care for a dance? I am mated in dance tonight with the King´┐Żsuch a fair, noble, and wise man is he.

The orchestra than ended their second song, and Amplectus than thought deeply over what he had seen. Upon this moment the orchestra swiftly fell into their third piece, which was the sort that is very enrapturing and with a well mood. The Queen requests the services of the one closest to him most recently´┐ŻLady Matrona and his stepson, Prince Insons! There would be tension, yes, they would find the king, yes, there would be many beautiful women and men along the way, yes, yet the Prince and the Lady would, in the end, dance, and dance most beautifully.

Lord Amplectus than did speak unto his heat thusly´┐ŻMan makes himself available, woman selects, and this all takes place within community, of which there are multiple´┐Żincreasingly smaller, and therefore more intense and immediate communities. The closer the community´┐Żthe more available the man, and the more deeply the woman knows him, and so the more likely they will dance together the dance of love to the tunes of Naturalis and Silosian Machinations.

And with that Lord Amplectus did leave merrily as well, and went back to his lair quite contented and unseen.

I am a son of the Sun," jested the parasite, "yet´┐Ż" and than he grumbled off in a fashion not holding comprehension. Parasite, the day is fine, and we are all sons of the Sun, our most warm and enlightened Father!

How do you fare today? I am poor and wretched without care and guidance from the true sons of the Sun. Would thou care for yourself, you would have masters that did not control and inhibit thee. Thou masochist! Apathy is thy true name, thou weak Parasite! Power taken for oneself is life taken for oneself.

Apathy is death. Seven knocks sounded on the great door, and Silus remarked unto his servants, "The kine verily come thither from some caddish shadow. Mote they be led hither they should have such shadow to them no intentions of mine could bear them. Bring them unto me one by one, and we shall see if they go prosperously, limitedly, or deadly. Seven remained and stood yet before the great hall.

The first was led before Darth Silus the Just. The Dark Lord Silus than cackled and stated "Renounce the rules or you renounce thyself.

The second was led before Darth Silus the Just. Please milord, correct me in all ways, and verily I am yours," remarked the second. The third was brought before Darth Silus the Just. The third began quaking, and spoke so, "Gods, it is as I knew´┐Ż but what at, pray? Forgive me, and I shall leave. The fourth was led before Darth Silus the Just.

The fourth smiled back, and he proclaimed, "I see that you have seen my companions, and than me, and thus appraise me correctly´┐Ż especially now that you know yourself to be wrong. The fifth was led before Darth Silus the Just. So the fifth than began to cry. Silus ignored her for some time, until she finally stopped. Silus ignored her. I am very good at fixing such things though! Would you ask how I learned the art?

The sixth was led before Darth Silus the Just. The sixth than burst forth in a manic manner, going on for a bit about person problems and the goals hoped to be achieved by coming before his Excellency. Yet Silus merely wore an antagonistic smirk, saying naught a word. Verily you are of a terrible attitude and selfish wit! The seventh was led before Darth Silus the Just. Yet the seventh simply crossed her arms and gave Silus an endearing and playfully scolding smirk.

Yet he was not deceived, and so said, "Ask the previous six. Than Silus decreed unto his servants, "And so I grow weary of absence from sanity, send forth my apprentice from whither, and with haste.

Thus Darth Silus the Just, Dark Lord of the Sith, set free the seven burdens of power, and they were taken in by his apprentice, so that the false apostles were defeated again´┐Ż than again, for forever.

In command of this empire was a tyrant, aptly named Despot the Awful, who ruled his domain, and everything that bore his name as master, with an iron, imperious hand. Yet his greatest weapon was the appearance of compromise, sanity, fairness, and security. The tyrant observed Insurrectus, and questioned him so, "Citizen, what be your name? An antagonistic approach would put him on the destructive end of events.

So, he bowed once more, and replied, "I have no choice but to serve you, but my Master serves none but the Dark Lord of the Sith´┐Żand only for that he is the embodiment and the will of the Dark Side. You shall be bound by fear of his coming. Thus Darth Insurrectus reported to his Master a new truth he had observed, "Those who must have control must also, by nature, be controlled.

He was far from his fatherland, and in a strange territory without even any knowledge as to what he was looking for. For days he wandered in a salt flat, barren of all life save for other journeyers like himself, and with all the mirages it was as a hellish maze. Hallucinations haunted him until he awoke to find himself in a red deep canyon, the end overlooking a far sandy country strewn with pagan-like statues. Tombs lined the canyon walls´┐Żthe resting places of Sith and pagan lords of long aged and forgotten importance.

The place whispered with secrets and the wisdom a place gathers only with great age and distant violence. Muscular statues held on high the great entryways of the entryways of the dark tombs, and so also the very canyon walls. The place was basked in the blood of the gods. The Sun was setting. It was than that the Master and Keeper was glimpsed by the traveler on the stone balcony at the end of the valley overlooking the far country below.

The traveler thought him a mirage at first, than the silhouette of a man´┐Ż than, rather, a hole in´┐Żor navel to´┐Ż reality. The rays of the dying sun streamed past the figure as if showing the way, and so he let them draw him unto the Keeper. He was drawn by the dusty light and the seething shadows in it, and his soul became heavy. The Keeper turned to face him, and at first the traveler thought he had not turned at all, for he was dark in all aspects´┐Ż yet than he grew light, wearing now white robes, which the traveler attributed to an trick of the light in initially disturbing his colors.

Shall you reveal to me where I might now reside and the secrets of this strange land so that I might navigate it, I would be in your deepest debt. What is thy intent here, why dost thou disturb the lands I care for and watch over? I have come seeking the Golden Truth, like hundreds before me and thousands to come after me, all in hopes to find enlightenment and peace in our age.

Come, look across my garden, impenetrable to all but those divined to find it," commanded the Keeper. And so the traveler rested his hands on the balcony wall and looked out towards the hellishly and frighteningly beautiful landscape. This is the land of death. Reveal to me this divine and sacred knowledge, milord Keeper.

What is death, pray? What is it like? Thine owns dream vision´┐Żyour third eye´┐Żusually reserved for dreams take lordship, and beholden! Yet beware, only the pure of heart may create a good afterlife´┐Żonly those on the high path´┐Żfor only the sane may see what is truly good.

The winds blew across the dusty valley floor, revealing´┐Żor creating into´┐Żshapes rather like hieroglyphics, and a volcano went off along the horizon. Some travel to it, while others attach themselves to it, for you are one with the Tao when dead.

The Keeper than brought the deceased traveler to his resting place´┐Żthe womb that is the tomb. Ages later the dead traveler asked Old Man Death, or the Keeper as he was also called, "What is life like? I fear the next transition, so tell me the Common Truth. Atrox was a rogue vampire with no ties to any of the Families or even any of the newer Covenants, and he had little reputation or ability of his own save for a devouring and selfish appetite.

Immediately the Sith lord was attacked by the vampire, and so Darth Praetum struck the vampire defenseless. Atrox hissed and replied as is so, "Thou art nothing but the blood I crave.

After a long pause he quoth, "Thou art nothing but the death I crave´┐Ż yet you are still anew at this stage. Beholden, I shall deliver thou fate unto thine own hands, and in ten years I shall see thee again. So the years fled smoothly by like the illusion they are, and change was brought upon the land like it has been for all the ages. The change marked as "ten" had come about, and the now Dark Lord of the Sith, Mulare Silus´┐Żthe former Darth Praetum´┐Żdid maketh his way unto the city of Origin again.

He let forth a cry, or rather a howl, to pierce into the night, and it delivered the vampire Atrox unto him. I am not entirely symmetrical, mind you, nor am I colored grandly, as I am glazed with blood´┐Ż but I have worked hard on it that it might please thee, milord," spoke Atrox.

Thou hast served the vampire clan known as the Covenant of Blood with toil and exertion, and hath held on high the Family of Cusat. These things are not under dispute´┐Ż yet the pot may only be finished after being fired´┐Ż fight me. Looking about she said unto herself, "These foul creatures would make an awful meal, and yet their parents are not about to protect them, defenseless as they are.

Yet as she was about to pluck the first from the nest, in squealed prostrate to Hawk, and quoth, "Forsooth! So it has progressed unto this, that just as life hath begun for me it must, verily, be ended.

Pray, spare us, that we may never forget your blessing and grow to repay it! Some time later there was a famine, and the lands were lying bare. Hawk tracked the great country as she always did in such times, quite unaffected thanks to her grand prowess.

When she came to her old grounds, her favorite in such times, she found it very barren. So she flew on, deeper and deeper into the wastes. She was deeply distraught, yet than saw some form of life on the ground. Hawk swooped down upon the movement only to find the buzzards she had spared as mere chicks. She was outraged as she saw them eating upon the dead animal that should have been hers, and she realized that it was these Hawks that had stripped her lands.

Suffer not others justice and ye will suffer. Of course stereotypes fall under this, including the philosophies inherently behind clicks and and racism, but a more powerful form of this is the craze with horoscopes of both the Greek and Chinese varieties. We must assume than, that these actually have some power, otherwise they would be short lived or purely cricumstantial hopes, doomed to fail.

It is unlikely that stars hold and information whatsoever beyond the scientific kind, and that which we humans place upon them. Therefore, it is likely that horoscopes are purely humanistic phychological works, which virtually every type of human who read them could find relation to. In fact, upon comparing all the horocopes for a certain day, they all are remarkably similar But it can not be denied that we, as humans, desire order and relation in our lives.

Obviously horoscopes aren't very dependable, but the individual, on the other hand, is much more sensitive. Forseeing the day ahead of us, or the future for any time, is as simple as understanding the philosophy behind a textbook.

Obviously, there are techniques to forseeing the future, but it begins at inner reflection. Meditating on oneself, and than on others, than learning to be sensitive to the emotions produced by such meditation, are the steps towards inner harmony, order, and attachment to the Universe, which was our motivation from the beginning. After all, how can one know the future and "Time," before even knowing one's self? The stars don't hold the secrets to you, only you yourself can discover the secrets.

The Sith Order had already been conceived as a possible organization, but the members felt it would be incredibly amateur. The Order subsided as a mere back burner thought amongst a few individuals. The NID, shortly before being dissolved, soon had an internal movement playing around with the idea. Soon the movement became an upwards dream for many that wanted out of the increasingly corrupt national syndicate. As the ideas compiled about controlled corruption and livable philosophy, a leader, the former second in command of the dying organization, found himself totally responsible for both factions.

The building of the Sith had begun, and only two names would survive in notice: Darth Irradus, and Darth Silus. Darth Silus than withdrew and destroyed his true identity, while he conspired with Irradus in the creation of an entire world view.

The dawn of the true Sith was coming. Silus slowly started emerging again, and than, when the nature and direction of the Sith was grasped, he quickly subsided. Perusing the creation of the Sith world view, a journal started to form, and Sith philosophy entered the ring. Soon, very soon, the Sith will finally be able to rise as one of the most intellectually and therefore totally over all powerful organizations ever. More importantly, Silus will fully arise´┐Ż if only in the eternal shadows´┐Żfor all creation comes from blackness.

The Sith are here, rest assured, an no few in number´┐Ż all waiting for the day the Dark Lord Silus assembles the Sith Council and declares dominion. Patience is now our ally, beholden the rise of the masters The night before last I had an especially revealing dream Charisma, presences behind places, uneasy feelings about people or revulsion, and peer pressure are all signs of projected emotional makeup, mixtures, or energy. Simply put, we are always dumping our excessive emotions outward.

The problem is controlling and directing these. I deduced that since the third arm what I call the ability to create in oneself, and create through oneself, is related to the third eye, it must be dreamlike in its nature. So, I decided to explore it, I must meditate on it, and my dream was the result. In my dream, I was at a lake that I visited a fair amount through my past in other dreams, only I was on the opposite end of it than usual.

His voice spoke a mystical and stoic-like message which went something along the lines of this: He told of how humans live up on the land, basked in the sun, warm, comfortable, and superior. It was a bright day at the lake in this dream, versus white-skied and gloomy.

I felt the warmth of the sun and its sluggish comfort as he said this. But than he detailed various levels of fish He told of the fish that live right under the surface of the water, in the realm of glistening light and meandering shadows cast from the waves, and as he mentioned their existence, I myself was in that position under the water.

I than turned around, presumably stopping the journey back around the lake, and turned to a little path leaving the one around the lake, and walked towards an open forest service gate. And so the dream ended. Science is simply a method to take a philosophy´┐Żor an idea from a philosophy´┐Żand prove it possible or true in reality, and embellish it with facts. The result and downfall of this, is that science, being normally viewed as infallible and supreme, is nothing but a political and social weapon.

Evidence of this, is how society of the times dictates the science of the times. Newtonian science was reflective of the Catholic view of a pristine Universe. Over all, science is often but a religion Simply put, the individual thinks there should be a large personal ascendance because of some act of faith or conversion into a religion, and is pressured by his or her peers to really be ascended. Thus the mind schisms, dividing the ascended and old qualities, and even suppressing the old qualities into the past.

The next is impulsions that are seemingly random often crop up. Finally, the third is that the individual desperately tries to keep from descending and thus will often cruelly punish themselves. However, science and religion do have some universal good ideas that should not be ignored. Christanity is an especial problem though, and represents the worst flaws of all the religions. After all, if it is so true and self-evident, how come you need faith?

Here are its tools of manipulation: Reality The strongest manipulator is, of course the altering of reality. If everything is Universally shaded and "revealed" to be of a certain nature, it is absolutely impossible to see it without this shade. For instance, a simple invention can be seen as the work of an atheist A single presumption--that God has created everything--has totally warped reality.

In fact, all of one's memory is reformed under a change in reality-perception so that true contrast is impossible. The other interesting fact is that it makes you more receptive to ideas that fall under one's presumptions. It takes great willpower to even consider this for a follower, and even more to comprehend it and thus overcome one's faith. Satisfaction The next popular manipulator is a redefining of what things in life will satisfy you. Success is also redefined. Therefore, any slight lack of complete satisfaction is blamed on not following the ideal path to satisfaction close enough.

This makes followers quite submissive and moldable. Any time a depressed mood strikes they fall victim to trying to do the rituals prescribed to achieve satisfaction. In addition, if one feels inadequate, one may abandon works in progress and return to more faithful persuits.

Reality Maintenance Whenever one thinks outside of the Christian reality it is labled doubt or sin. Church is also designed to keep one in the Christian reality. Thus, one's worth or value depends soley upon one's faith. Failure of Perception relavatism A central pillar of Christianity is relavatism--the idea that nothing is truly able to be known Therefore, nothing is trusted but the Bible. Detachment The world is not to be trusted, we are not of it, pain is only a lifetime long, only Heaven counts-- these statements all detach us from reality.

The inteded goal is to make us tolerant of pain the results from the delusions taught by the Bible. Make us tolerant of giving up our urges and dreams. Peer Pressure and guilt A huge part of modern Christianity is peer pressure and guilt. Only WASPs are world leader-- you are at a disadvantage in the world if you do not accept Christianity. In addition, most of your peers are Christian, you are on the outside. Guilt is obvious, as we are taught to feel bad about being human by today's Christian society.

Of course, the Bible teached that the exact opposite is true to protect itself from these facts. Pastor Complex When one joins this new faith, internal and external pressure drives us to become transformed and better when this, at the very least, take a long long time. So, the individual simply beleives that he is different, and as a result battles with their true selves and become cruel to those who do not do as they do thanks to the pressure.

Arrogance and isolation follow, leaving them with only Christianity and their new self, making sure they stay Christian. Trance-pleasure Singing and speaking in tongues, and worship in general is trance-like in nature. The trance is, of course, powerful and pleasurable, and so as a result the positive effects felt "confirm" one's faith and are attributed to the "Holy Spirit. It is our distractor from reality and provides an imaginary path to pleasure. For example, the Trinity and God's emotional outbursts keep one's mind occupied for a lifetime.

Cyclic logic makes sure we don't think about the important stuff. Community The pleasure gained from being in a community is addictive, thus making leaving any community hard Be the only ones right. Insularity and Raising The Christian faith is very insular, discouraging all non-Christian non-necessary activities or places, such as Public School.

Myth Christianity has borrowed myths and regurgitated many from multiple cultures, thus appealing to the primordial human mind and sense of beauty. They do not appeal because they are real. History is real and it is not appealing in said manners, after all. Threats Finally, threats are the last and last-resort manipulator. If you do not play by the Bible, you go to Hell. Smaller threats are extremely numerous. So, both science and religion are usless.

The Middle Path Like so many early inventions, it was formed less as a entertainment and more as a necessity. People needed direction in their life, and they needed an example, and so life was represented in story form.

Joseph Campbell was the first to draw attention to the power of mythology, revealing the Universal archetypes in mythology that are THE SAME no matter what culture they came from. So, we can see these archetypes as the greatest of human truths. According to Campbell human life is explained by these archetypes and we should still mold our lives according to these ancient universal reoccurances in mythology. We should still beleive in Destiny but not fate and mold our life after the Hero The Call to Adventure 2.

Leaving of the Homeland 3. Accomplishment of Destiny 5. Ascension to Heaven The Call to Adventure is when the hero or antihero is confronted with a greater purpose to living than what life was previously expected. The hero usually resists at first, but later comes around The Call to Adventure is when the longing of one's soul is explained and the way to cure that longing for something greater is offered.

Working towards one's destiny is much more satisfying than the evil artificial alternative of religion. The Call to Adventure is an awakening of the mind, the opening of the eyes, and the satisfying of the soul and fulfillment.

Some excersizes are available here for learning on your own, but, for the most part, this can only be acheived through a Master. So, this site is invaluable and very important, but there are some things meant to be learned through practice and not words. Therefore, this site will teach you Sithology, but it will not make you a true Sith by itself. That's why the Master Apprentice relationship was kept and not just replaced by this website.

The reason for this is because there are two ways to learn everything: the Jedi Way, and the Sith Way. The Jedi way is Power Through Knowledge.

The Sith way is Knowledge Through Power. No one way can be used purely, or you loose information or value. However, the main way a Sith gains knowledge is through power. The Jedi Way is used on this site for the purpose of teaching knowledge so as to provide you with the basic powers you need to learn the greater knowledges through your acheived power. So, the Jedi Way is used to jumpstart you on the Sith Path. This site hosts all the material for what you need to begin, and than a Master may take you on afterwards to continue your training.

The Call to Adventure has been issued to you. Open your eyes and awaken your mind with the following teachings so that you may use the Sith Way as soon as possible! The Alpha Male ruled with the tenets of Sith Philosophy. However, the Light came up from the Psychotic Nomads, who used gang-like force to make people follow them without having to work hard as an Alpha Male. The Sith's enemies had come, causing violence and lesser castes to start being born New forms of control were now needed beyond that of the Alpha Male.

Quasi-poltical- religion was now employed, ushering in the era of Shamanism, the first recorded mystical power using individuals. Also, the most powerful to this day of the Light Side warriors, as they are the base to all future religions. Sorerors are the first warriors to oppose the oncoming civilization of mankind, attempting to use it for the superior purposes of harbouring the Dark Side which they had just newly discovered.

However, they were the weakest of the Servants of the Darkness or "Dark Side Warriors" because many of their techniques were based on those used by their Light Side counterparts. The Sorcerors were banned from the early communities if discovered, so severe secrecy was adopted. Still, they started a tradition, a movement in the making. Civilization was now very established, and so were its protectors, the model for Star Wars' Jedi, the Samurai.

Policing the empire, their injustices soon led to the rebellion of farming communities who turned to the Dark Side for seperation and protetion. Self publishing. Share Embed Flag. No tags were found You also want an ePaper? More documents Similar magazines Info. No information found. Share from cover. Share from page:. Flag as Inappropriate Cancel. Delete template? Are you sure you want to delete your template? Cancel Delete. Cancel Overwrite Save. Terms of service. Privacy policy.

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Book of sith pdf free download The seventh was led before Darth Silus Just. He decides that they are something different and wanders closer to investigate them further. The wolf wanders to the top of a hill and sees a herd of sheep in the valley. We would have to see the man and read his emotions to be sure, but we have a first idea. Thus Darth Insurrectus reported to his Master a new truth he had observed, "Those who must have control must also, by nature, be controlled. Come now, poor siith, you are now bolk and totally without power. The result is that you advance and grow, and therefore gain canon mf232w software download advantage and often get what you want.
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Book of sith pdf free download Click here to sign up. The Sorcerors were banned from the early communities if discovered, so severe secrecy was adopted. Would thou buy it back? Every problem was rested upon me, and deeper ones were kept conveniently hidden. Yet should you desire a body to come near ye, and expose thine dry and leathery body, I should call a servant.
Book of sith pdf free download Working towards one's destiny is much more satisfying than the evil alternative of religion. But a powerful body is nothing when it lacks 70 hp manual free download mind to understand the infinite combinations of movement. The Sith, naturally, are against this, as the Sith Master is the ultimate Alpha job. Wondering and wishing to know how you knew Thou hast served the vampire clan known as the Covenant of Blood with toil and exertion, downloda hath held on high the Family of Cusat.
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